This is ridiculous

It’s like my what 25th kill or something on H Sire and still no loot ? Like this has got to be some type of joke ? Can u please for the love of god increase the damn drop rate on Sire weapons? At this rate ima be forced to bench my warrior cause the Only real upgrade I can get to actually make my parses good is those damn weps which not only do I need it drop once but twice … this is nuts


Random is random. Who knew?

Isn’t the ring you have there from H Sire?

It did get buffed during Blizzcon week.

Welcome to item drops.

As a key man myself I can go days without drops. Dosnt matter if it’s my key or not. Think on about 5 dugs dry

But hay, we still got the vault to open later, lol

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Ring didn’t even drop I got it from the vault so as of now I’ve gotten absolutely nothing but anima from Sire

Unlucky for you then :man_shrugging: RNG is RNG.

Assuming you’re running it with your guild, I’m sure eventually fairly soon you’ll either get it yourself, or a guildie will pass their extra token to you.

I mean, also a lot of my rage comes from the one time the Wep token dropped and it was just me and another guy rolling for it I rolled a 1 … nearly smashed my head straight through my monitor but personally I’ve never gotten a drop from Sire on my warrior :joy::joy::joy:

Meaningful choice

Listen to all these shills lmao.


Maybe switch loot specialization and hope for best.

I got a weapon token from him this week, right after I got a 226 weapon from my vault…


RNG is RNG. Just like it’s always been. This is nothing new.

Sorry not sorry.

when did 10 kills become 25, that is some great math. At least on that toon your posting on OP it shows you only killed him in heroic 10 times. Not to burst your bubble but I cant stand BSers when they rant to make their story sound more over the top.

Eh, who cares? You have a good week and many bad ones. It’s the nature of this game.

If only there was a coin, or a token we could earn (but not too many at once), that would allow you to have a second chance for loot. You could choose which boss you want to use it on, and if you felt like farming the boss until these tokens were gone, you could. Idk, sounds like a bad idea I guess. It would never work (or it would, then Blizzard would remove it arbitrarily for “better” systems that give absolutely no way to target gear).

get conquest weapon and try to get 2100 in something for the 233 wep

You have 11 kills on him.

I stopped believing in RNG two expansions ago.

Sucks how 95% of the drops from mythics all have vers on them. The only way for warriors to get a legit upgrade is from raid rng. Not a good time

Considering that would require him to raid for more weeks than the xpac has been released I think he was joking. WHOOSH

26th time you will get loot , no worries :+1: