This is now officially Retail WoW

Nightmare Incursion

Can you now tell the difference after playing Phase 1 to Phase 3?

You are lead by the hand to easy content so that you may in fact do other content.

Thats the difference between Retail and Vanilla…

Vanilla… you work for every step you take to get where you want to go to be able to do not so hard … tedious content that you have to drag other people through

Retail is the easy road to the top… and then you deal with content thats just litered with mechanics.

Comparatively speaking this is what the Classic Andy’s were looking to avoid… hence why they left WoW in the first place and went private servers and waited for a blizzard authentic classic server.

if you disagree with anything here… I do not blame you for your opinion… but in my opinion… you are already conditioned to what the point of SoD is.

Do not point your finger at blizzard though.

This is the style of game that you wanted. This is what you asked for… this is the game you designed… the creators just took your ideas and made them reality


Both of these are bad. Which is why a lot of us are looking for a WoW that isn’t either.

I want a nice, easy, quick, fun road too BiS gear so I can enjoy the game. The only fun mechanic is Tank and Spank.

Vanilla… you work for every step you take to get where you want to go to be able to do not so hard … tedious content that you have to drag other people through

I’m stopping you right there. SOD isn’t really that hard. What makes it “hard” is that you have to travel around to do anything. Questing sucks and most of the time is waiting for boats or on a flightpath. Quests frequently make you do things in multple zones. Its not hard is time consuming and tedious.

Raids aren’t hard either. MC is a joke.

Retail has more quests that is organized in a way that makes sense. Raids in retail are hard on mythic. Just imagine if blizzard made a mythic difficulty raids in SOD there would be riots from people that want free loot.

so if you mean difficult you mean waiting for a boat then yeah this game is really hard.

Sunken Temple is difficult.

Yeah no one’s reading all that. When you stop foaming at the mouth let us know if you have fun or not. Maybe say one thing you like and one thing you don’t. Idk tone it down??


My $0.02… I’ve been playing WoW since original vanilla. I’ve leveled more characters to max level than I probably should have.

As “iffy” as I feel about this whole incursion thing… its kinda nice having a max level character within a day. I’ve done the 1-60 (and beyond) more times than I care to count…


i agree

Classic Andy here. I love SoD.
Idk how much times you guys want to do the same thing over and over. I’ve done classic so many times since 2005. I love the speed of this, AND it still feels like classic.
You have Era still… but I do think they should give a couple fresh Era servers.

it wasnt even that much to read :man_shrugging:

We get it you can read.

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SoD isn’t really anything like retail WoW if you actually do meaningful content.

I enjoy SoD a lot more and I’ve gotten over 2200 in RBG, Cutting Edge and have competed in high end Mythic + in BFA. haven’t played retail much since then because of the amount of time, dedication, practice and skill it takes to complete the highest end content it has to offer.

SoD is chill and something you can kick back and enjoy without having to min max everything you do to clear the highest end content it has to offer. It also eliminates a lot of the things in Vanilla that were tedious for no reason (such as PvP ranking, which takes 0 skill and just a lot of time). If you enjoy tedious wastes of time there is still era.

To me, SoD is perfectly balanced between Vanilla and maybe something like Legion. The raid content is a bit harder than vanilla, and there’s stuff to do outside raiding that also don’t take ten decades of playtime to complete.

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These people don’t actually care what is or isn’t like retail wow. They’re just looking to blame their pet grievance for being “like retail” in an effort to quit. I might not agree with certain posters on pretty much any topic but at least they’ve been consistent in whining about SoD being retail from the start, any of these people deciding that something in Phase 3 was the tipping point is just a poser.

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wait are we nightmare side or regular side right now? crap this is confusing.


Delusional era andy with a delusional take.

SoD is about as close to retail as D4 is to a good game…

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I leveled to 50 in <6h today, while making 800g.

This is retail 100%. Raid better rule, or I’ve got no reason to log in.

First version of the game I’ve ever raid logged on, and it’s for the simple fact my guild is good people and needs the roster spot filled. The game is so far from Classic it’s ridiculous.


They either know nothing at all about what it felt like to play Vanilla, or they’re incomprehensibly bad at recreating it in a new form.

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