THIS is not Classic. Warts and all


He only reads whatever is necessary for him to be able to cause drama.


Wow needs to be one cohesive world per server. Not multiple instances that people can phase in and out of. No reason at all you should be phasing into another instance on your SERVER


This is enough to see how delusional this guy is. To think they’ll throw away 2 years of work adapting everything to new client, and then implement sharding and keep it. No my tinfoil friend, they’ll use layering for month or so, then let us have Classic experience because that’s what they themselves want, ones who worked on Classic. They’ll be playing the game too.


I just default gender to the avatar. I’ll try to remember you’re male.


He only reads whatever is necessary for him to be able to cause drama.

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I am messing with you - have a good night.

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understand it already is multiphases. thats how cloud server tech works. thats how people on retail can group and enter each others realms. this is the same thing. the whole wow server is a bunch of layers and sublayers. there’s no longer a server blade for each server, just a folder on the cloud that is represented as a server layer with specificed attributes.


Classic is Classic.

Warts and all.

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Right - but you can assign people to a layer and prevent them from accessing another layer unless you want them too.

I don’t think he wants Blizzard to bring back the actually 2004 tech.

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yes we’ve established that you and i want the same thing. only issue i see with it is if the queue is too long on raid night lol

guild leader: wheres chopsuey, karlsbad, timtiny, violet?
random guild member: stuck in the login queue

hour later…

guild leader: well lets call it. maybe tomorrow night
random guild member: violet said she has to go to exercise class tomorrow night.

etc etc. you can see it. lol pugs ‘r’ us.


You know how that problem is solved? Don’t roll on a server that is full and filled with a streamer and all their followers


This thread again.
Try to understand people that Layering is a good solution to the very real realm population health problem that will be there, without it there will be literally hundreds of dead realms after few weeks of launch.
That is not Vanilla that is not “warts and all” During Vanilla player population increased all the way through it. This time populations will start extremely high and then sharply decline. It’s a completely reversed situation and if it is handled like a Vanilla launch the results will be horrible for everyone.
There will be no communities no healthy servers no nothing just ghost towns everywhere.

Now I fully understand that just the idea of Blizzard using some horrible modern technology for the launch period to tackle these issues sounds nasty to some people but I am sorry that is because you haven’t understood yet that it really is good for the game.
It’s not a case of “you think you do, but you don’t” Blizzard has fully understood that we Vanilla fans want the real experience and they are trying to deliver and if using a technology created solely for this purpose is necessary to achieve that Vanilla feel then by all means go ahead. As I said earlier on this post when facing population decline instead of population growth makes the Classic launch a direct opposite of the Vanilla launch. In order for them to play out even close to similar there has to be a system in place to balance it out.

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Not sure I will have time to raid.

They have taken away the BG pvp community aspect with cross-realm BGs.

Luckily I love wpvp. It looses a lot of its flavor if you are fighting randoms every night (either because the server is too big or because of layering) I hope they get this right.


While nice for things like lag and login queues, if you can layer hop, that isn’t going to be good for the game either.

Simple example: Black Lotus mat in an area on Winterspring. You are on layer 1. Its not there. You layer hop to 2 & 3 to check on it. 2 has it but 3 doesn’t have it. Proceed to either use Black Lotus mat for recipe or sell on Layer 1.

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we’re discussing a different scenario. instead of layer hopping and the server randomly assigning you a session layer on the server you selected, instead you select a layer from a drop down list of numbered layers on the server, that doesnt allow you to layer hop and is locked to your character.

in other words, its persistent foeva, and not just for that session. when that layer is full, its locked. but its locked with 3k people. and they may all be trying to login at a certain time of night for raiding, at the same time, and because the server isn’t using layering tech to load balance, it has to use the login queue to do it

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You can address the population decline without cross-layering.

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make it so you can not herb, ore, skin or loot anything other than quest objectives, if not on your session layer. unless of course, in a raid or dungeon.


Obviously you can.
But this is as far I can see the best way as it is almost completely out of sight for the players they don’t even see it happening. So it will be there for a few weeks and then it’s gone and nobody even noticed it.

Unless of course they were basically looking for it. But for people just enjoying the game it’s going to be like it was not there.


Well yes it is sharding, but it doesn’t take much to notice it’s a step in the right direction compared to their older tech. And at the end of the day it’s only in the game for a small duration; maximum one phase. Keep in mind I’m not for sharding but it’s not going away so why put in the mental strain of complaining on the forums about it.

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guilds will notice unless ion manages to get them to always put guilds on the same session layer.