This is bad change

Stop with this garbage single player buffs that you did when you revamped blessing of kings and wisdom for ONLY retribution paladins. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. PALADINS ARE HISTORICALLY AND THEMATICALLY a support role. Thats why they have only 1 dps spec. They should have group buffs. Why should a crappy mage get a group buff but paladins have nothing. Screw your design. Git gud blizzard.

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I think it has potential. Since the cooldown matches the duration I’m curious if you have to re-cast it every 30 seconds or if it auto changes and re-casting would only be to move it to a new target.

IE: move the cooldown reduction (which will probably be nerfed since it’s a 30 second long ineffable truth rank 2) to whoever gets the most use out of it, move the healing buff to the tank, move the DPS buffs to whoever can proc them the most.

I also think they should just change it to have no cooldown but have the buff just changing over time in combat and allow you to freely move targets at any time.

I also think it’s more interesting than a boring raid wide set it and forget it buff.

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I agree, this is a terrible change.

BoSac, BoSanc, BoP, and BoF are enough Blessings to mange for split second play.

Blessing of Summer will cause paladins to be “forced” to skip the other blessings and “hold” this for burst phases.

If a Blessing of Season is on cooldown while a partner wants to stack with their cooldowns, it becomes tedious. You now have half the raid waiting on the paladins to sync up.

Does Blessing of Autumn increase the cooldown recovery rate on Blessing of Seasons too? Seems like that be a “wasted” blessing paladins use on themselves just to get to Blessing of Summer faster.

Terrible design across the board, sadly. :frowning:


Now imagine if we had four blessing that each lasted an hour. Obviously scale them to be balanced.


I would consider picking night fae if this was the case.

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I agree. I think this was a bad change. I was loving the way it was before, as a group buff. Right now, it seems tedious.

We have to track too many things to use it properly, not only our group CDs, but also the route and pacing in M+ since we don’t have all the buffs at our disposal all times.

Actuallt, that could be a nice change, why not turn this skill in 4 different skills, one player can only be using only one of the buffs at the same time, but the paladin can buff up to four different players at the same time, each one with one of the buffs.


Are you kidding, this is the best change they could have done, now this isn’t actually the most horrible thing you can pick doing solo content, it was virtually useless before. Now could it be altered a little, so that maybe as Holy and Prot it does more for the group but for Ret it needs to be able to buff yourself relatively well or it’s just worthless in any kind of solo content.

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I’m super curious about this ability. I understand everyone’s frustration over how cumbersome it is, but just looking at the level of power in them… I think they’re purposely designed to cycle in order to balance them. Each one may be too powerful if you could just keep it permanently on.

  • Spring: Increases healing done and received by 20%. If this was permanent, as in you didn’t have to cycle and could just keep this, it would be utterly broken. Having this for 30s and then a 1.5 min cooldown by cycling through the others is still very powerful.

  • Summer: A high chance to proc 75% spellpower damage per attack. It seems like a powerful damage buff, but that’s all up in the air with how it procs.

  • Autumn: Cooldowns recover 50% faster. Seems utterly utterly broken. Unbelievably broken damage or even healing potential is what comes to mind lol, assuming this works for every single ability that has a cooldown (not just the big daddy cooldowns but your standard rotation cooldowns too).

  • Winter: Your attacks get 5% spellpower dmg and accumulate 10 stacks of a debuff to reduce enemy movement speed up to 30% and attack speed up to 10%. This is the only one that seems normal to me.

Overall I’m excited by this spell. Even if you’re a min-maxer, these abilities aren’t so different from having a powerful ability on a 1.5 minute cooldown. It seems like the seasons are in place to be a pseudo cooldown system. I don’t know about Autumn… it seems like one of the most powerful buffs in the game lol. Overall, all of the buffs seem powerful and add a lot of flavor to playstyle depending on which one you have!

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I am thankful that Night Fae don’t attract me in the slightest. This Blessings shenanigans together with the corresponding soulbind abilities is just garbage.

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Let’s be honest. The main reason that the blessings were made single target was because making them a party buff would force an already-mediocre dps to take an ability they might not want just to get a raid slot…

Conversely, I guess an aoe buff would have made it easy to get an invite even as a mediocre dps.

I’d rather they just be permanent and balanced and group buffs.

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I understand your reasoning, and you are not wrong. There are a few problems with these abilities, in my opinion.

0 - This is only a small correction on your reasoning, it is a 2 minutes CD (at least) and not 1.5:

Blessing of the Summer (30 secs CD);
Blessing of the Autumn (30 secs CD, and need to be pressed right away to keep the 2 minutes CD);
Blessing of the Winter (30 secs CD, and need to be pressed right away to keep the 2 minutes CD);
Blessing of the Spring (30 secs CD, and need to be pressed right away to keep the 2 minutes CD).

And then you can use Blessing of the Summer again after at least 2 minutes. But, even for someone who doesn’t want to min/max the usage of the Blessings just to keep the CD in 2 minutes is just terrible gameplay.

1 - You are not wrong, a lot of those buffs are strong, even winter if properly used. But, usually, you ganna decided at the start of the DG who going to get the buffs and you gonna buff only those same people with the same buffs which are only boring. Right now I am thinking in something like (these examples were built with BFA experience so far, I am not taking SL changes in consideration):

Blessing of the Summer - Demon Hunters, Rogues, Monks or Warriors, the chosen one will be that can do more AoE (hits done, not damage) or have more haste;
Blessing of the Autumn - High damage classes (e.g., Fire mages);
Blessing of the Winter - Depends on the necessity, for damage or just get rid of it I would use on the same classes as Blessing of Summer or, during necrotic weeks, those who can do more AoE regardless of the damage done;
Blessing of the Spring - Tank, and someone who taking a specific mechanics.

2 - We have to keep tracking way too many things to it work properly (holy paladin point of view). Among our own CDs, we have to track each possible damage CD of our allies and the pacing of the dungeon (so we can use the proper blessings in the proper pulls).

3 - Terrible for pugs. In pugs you usually don’t know the people, you don’t know how they play. Now think about the previous argument on this scenario.

4 - Worst case scenario, you WILL use the buff on CD, which is just boring.

I love the idea of a buffer and I was struggling with how to make it work better than Divine Toll. Now I just gave up, (Divine Tool + Shock barrier (legendary) + Glimmer build) seems way stronger right now.

And right now I put myself in a situation as I predicted in the past to my friends, I will have to play as a Kiryan just because of their class skill, knowing that I hate every single thing about them and I love night fae the most. You can ask why, the answer is “If you are not on that covenant, we don’t have a spot for you”.

I hope I am wrong.

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And you’ll need to make a ton of macros as well. 4 at targets and one mouseover in case one of your targets dies.

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It was completely broken before in group content. Micro managing the buffs not to mention the massive issues

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Glad to see not everyone has their head up their own poop chute.

I was hoping for Necrolord to be good, but then the holy power cost was added, consume judgement and is a dps loss at 5targets. Guess we’re stuck with Venthyr.


Hallow lines up with wings… Hallow and wings both let you use hammer of wrath. This is the opposite of synergy.

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Indeed in conception it’s the worst thought off covenant, closely followed by Divine Toll, 1 judgement every minute lol.

But I heard Venthyr it was pretty good with conduits and stuff.


To be fair, Kyrian might be pretty good (albeit niche) for pvp since you can spread around the lawbringer debuff on multiple targets. A 1 minute cd that would end up doing upwards 25% of everyone’s health in a 3s match has potential. Make it even spicier if you run double ret.


Venthyr’s signature ability is a long-range teleport that ignores terrain. With a soulbind, it’s instant cast. Considering how bad the class’s mobility is on top of how lackluster its covenant abilities are, it seems like a braindead choice.

The same soulbind also gave Cheat Death, but that was unfortunately removed a couple builds ago.

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