This game desperately needs more (epic) battlegrounds

The amount of battlegrounds is pitiful. Especially when you consider that this game has been out for almost 20 years. Particularly epic battlegrounds just feel stale.

  • Alterac Valley is a shell of its former self. Feels like people try to actively avoid enemies
  • Wintergrasp is terrible. I enjoyed it back in the day during Wrath but it honestly just needs to be retired or reworked already
  • Isle of Conquest is OK but hasn’t really seen any changes since it was added back in WotLK what feels like a lifetime ago
  • Ashran is actually pretty decent. At least you get to actually fight enemies unlike AV.

And that’s it. Four epic battlegrounds for a game this old. The newest one is over 8 years old at this point.


not true, some dev snuck in a bunch of stealth changes that give various advantages to alliance a few years ago.


All BGs are such that “the BG quality” is largely dependent on the players.

-I hated Ashran when people were backdooring. Bored to tears. But then both sides started playing the damn Battleground and it was fun. I love Ashran now.

-I’ve always hated Alterac Valley. Part of it was lack of understanding, but the other was because of the constant zergs. Now, more often than not, people are launching ballsy backline offensives and defending. They’re playing the damn Battleground now: and it’s fun.

-Wintergrasp’s milage varies person to person in a way I can empathize with due to the vehicles. But I feel like WG is as fun as ever when both sides are actually trying.

-Isle of Conquest still has balance problems in my opinion. But I enjoy it well enough when the team understands that Hangar > Docks & Workshop combined - but I think that’s an issue. (I think gliave damage should be reduced moderately, and their HP buffed dramatically).

I would not mind a new Epic BG, though.


yes add strands n tol plz make ss vs tm an epic too


i just hate my ui in an epic. plus it can drag on and on and on even if a loss or win for that matter. auto silence makes talking anywhere not safe. I’m not hating tho, there is no reason they haven’t made any new bgs.

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I don’t think they should add any new Epics without fixing the old ones.

AV is a joke. I shouldn’t be able to finish an AV faster than finishing a normal BG. NPCs need a big buff. You should have to have all 4 towers down in order to fight Van/Drek. Also stack a ton of NPC’s in the main Hub that only disappear after your group kills Balinda/Galv(buff them too) OR have every NPC in the main hub have a huge buff increasing their HP and damage unless Galv/Balinda are downed. No more of this ride south and AFK nonsense. We have players whose only damage in the whole BG is on the final boss.

Wintergrasp is horrible. SR determines the victor so much because they’re the ones who get the vehicles. It’s really hard to counter 20 vehicles zooming around the map. The workshops need turrets. It’s too easy to take them once your team has the upper hand in vehicle count. As it is, counterplay is only possible when the other team is incompetent. Let’s also drop this “Kill players to advance in rank to pilot a vehicle” shtick. Just put a timer on it. Have it explained as “We need time to prepare, go capture a workshop” or something along those lines? 8 minutes into a BG and then everyone can build.

IoC just needs to make defense matter. The turrets need to have a longer range. They should reach the glaives AND the gunship. Do you want to attack the gate? Earn it. You should have to take out the turrets first to make way for the siege.

Ashran just needs to lose the backdoor. Other than that, this is the only Epic where PvP actually happens.


mhhmmmmm :drooling_face:

Seems like a no-brainer to add Southshore vs Tarren Mill tbh; it’s a simple copy-paste job and (compared to the other epics) requires almost 0 “maintenance” or “balancing” since it’s just a big teamfight in mid

Place is always hoppin whenever it’s up, see so many regulars in there. Sometimes I see players I haven’t seen in 3-4 years, it’s got that “big family reunion” vibe to it

Of course, they should balance the existing ones better… but there’s been complain threads left and right about those imbalances and they seem to be dragging their feet/not really in a rush to do anything

New maps are always nice just for the sake of variety

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Some kind of battleground content is being worked on (from this blue post in March), but we don’t know the details or release date. Maybe something will be on the 10.1.7 PTR

In the past, I would have agreed with this. But the last new BG we got was Seething Shore. I’m afraid of what new BG they’re cooking up.

Definitely agree with the title. One easy first step blizz could take is to tune the NPCs properly.

I never get when people say “___ is the only eBG where PvP happens.”
Nope. PvP happens where you make it. If you aren’t gonna look for it you won’t find it.

There are plenty of things soloers or “just friends” can do in epic BGs that is PvP and objectives based.

I think these people are all talking retail and retail only. It is very easy to find PvP in Classic. I do it on multiple toons. As for retail though… not max level and good enough geared…you’re not getting what you wanted.

Disabling the use of Goblin gliders in epic battlegrounds would go a long way to making things feel fresh. Especially in Ioc. Glaives might actually reach the area they are meant to shoot from if half of a team suddenly can’t glider from hangar all the way across the map to insta-gib them.

It’s a good point . Don’t remember when Goblin gliders were introduced but atleast AV was never designed for goblin gliders to be used. IOC too probably.

They were introduced in WoD and from straight from the get go when I was gliding from the horde gunship all the way to where the Alliance park the glaives I was thinking “This is gonna get so nerfed” but here we are still using them lol

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Time to play real bgs then

Some people say go play an RBG if you want stuff disabled and a more fair match…but I kinda say. I would rather anything goes. It would make sense that if you are searching out the best of the best for groups of players then they should give everyone everything with no restrictions.

Blizz needs more world BGs and more epic BGs also needs to keep Battlemaster and keep Khan and then add a new one to go with those two and then add another one for all the world BGs.

Was probably just a fluff post.