This forum is a total shame

(Helena) #31

Just consider it a result of all those layoffs.

Thanks a lot Bobby Kotick!


I imagine all those threads were duplicate threads anyway so nothing much has been lost because people tend to post the same thing in 5 or more threads when that type of thing happens.

(Dekkar) #34

there’s like a bazillion threads right now about the potential level squish. -.-


Yes and after a week or so, people will get fed up with them and start reporting them as spam and even those nothing will be lost because it usually is the same people posting in multiple threads.

(Zaleos) #36

It is indeed a pity that a few haters and/or trolls flag some of the most interesting (numbers speak) threads because they don’t like them, and lock the community away from them.

Hopefully this will be fixed…eventually.


Those are maybe not locked because flagging trolls got actually dealt with.

(Kneeshooter) #38

How do you know it hasn’t been punished? They have often said they don’t talk about such things (unless someone gets on the Customer Support forum of course) so its possible people were punished for false flagging. Not many people would get on here and say “I put in a load of false flags and got punished, bad me!”.

(Xalea) #39

If you haven’t noticed, Blizz doesn’t give a flip about this forum or any customer opinions. They haven’t cared in years, thus the state of their current products, especially WoW.


Because there would be numerous threads regarding this if people were being punished. They would be crying about how they were just trying to help clean up the forum and got punished for it. Blizzard isn’t fast enough to delete the threads before we read them, sorry.

(Cantz) #41

So when a moderator edits someones post, do you really think thats automated?

(Dekkar) #42

i’ve had posts deleted recently that didn’t result in a suspension. so no it’s not.


I think we should use common sense here, like most other situations.

Of course the edited posts aren’t automated but I’d be willing to bet that many suspensions and deleted threads are, just like the automated system will lock threads after people abuse the flagging system and mass report threads they don’t agree with.

(Cantz) #44

I’m pretty sure this thread will end up being one of those then.


So far it hasn’t been mass reported, we’ll see.


What? and allow the WoW community to express themselves openly with freedom and honesty? Are you kidding me??

Do you realize how many Kotaku and Polygon articles they will write about how the WoW community has degenerated into a haven for straight alt right white supremacists males??

(Cantz) #47

In some cases I kind of understand some threads being locked, the title of the thread is one thing. But sometimes when I go into these threads its just full of posts of people insulting each other, sometimes reading through is entertaining.

Even OP isn’t innocent.

(Dekkar) #48

i am just trying to learn stuff and he was mean. :frowning:

(Cantz) #49

There there, have a like, will make you feel better.


Everybody seems to think they know what’s considered false flagging or not.

It’s subjective, because people get offended by different things. This is the nature of the community, not something the devs can fix unless flagging was removed totally, but this gives an opportunity for many more troll threads to spring up.

(Tsavis) #51

That pretty much sums it up.