This far into expansion

Blizz has to let us trade these crests to alts, even if there is a cap at wyrm’s

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Why? They never let your alts use your main’s valor in any previous x-packs, and crests are essentially the same thing.


If i remember correctly, you could in shadowlands, by sending valor to alts in bundles and etc.

Trade? Riiiiiiiight, I’m not saying this is exploitable and would crash the economy but how about account bound?!

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I’m 99% sure that you are not remembering that correctly. During the SL’s first season the gear upgrade tiers were account-wide, but they quickly ended that…and that’s probably the closest we got.

Or just remove crests. They were a horrible idea. Someone at Blizzard actually thought. You know what lets make a upgrade system but lets make like five forms of currency to do it. Cause we all love using cash and coins IRL right…


yea and you will pay 100 crest and get 70 in exchange

bundles where mythic 0 gear, and your talking about 437+ gear lmao

No, they were a fantastic idea and I’m glad to see them continuing this system into 10.2

Do you carry around a bunch of coins everywhere IRL and pay only in cash? If so I can understand why you like it.

I’m waiting for the inevitable $1.50 they’ll be converted into via mail when the next upgrade currency comes around

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Um, what? Sounds like you need to practice inventory management if that’s your issue. Good thing for you, they’re moving to the currency tab next patch.

I agree.
Would help me unload the unused crests from my main too.

They should do that too.
We still invested the time into the game to earn such.

If they want our different-classed character to have a ‘earned by content’ feature to the gear, then at some point in the upgrading gear system or purchasing gear they should have a prompt ‘Must have completed X keystone or Y raid on blah difficulty’ – Akin to how they do with rated PvP gear.

It wont happen purely because you will be able to upgrade them next patch to current crests instead of having to vendor them.