This AV Hotfix.. how out of touch ARE the designers?

They allude to handing out account suspension but they are trying the lesser punishment first.

They probably didn’t want to jump to conclusions that it was intentional greifing and hope that reducing honor would a good enough disincentive to prevent it.

no they didn’t play vanilla wow, i wouldn’t be surprised if the people working on classic weren’t old enough to play vanilla.


There’s no other conclusion that can be drawn. The game could easily have ended and a new one started but the GY farming went on for a long while past that. People produce no honor after 4 kills, after 4 cycles of being rezzed there was no more reason to continue. That takes what, 5 minutes?

It was certainly intentional griefing.

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People have already came up with solutions to get around this, basically r1 blizzard to keep them in place, till honorless falls off


This is incorrect. < ret btw > was camping horde in their cave and they were getting so many horde leaving and joining that they could keep a steady flow of honor.

I promise you that caving people is a massive loss in honor for Alliance. Perhaps removing the ability for one faction to premade would fix this problem entirely…

I’ve never heard of any horde teams caving anyone…wonder why.


You may not have heard of it before but it happens all the time. I’ve had it happen to me. So now you’ve heard of it.

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Yep, it’s a very poor solution that will do nothing.

But if Ally premades don´t hand in flags at WSG; it´s all within the rules? Honestly, they should have fixed the premade exploit, the Pally pull exploit, but instead they take away honor from targets in pvp.

Sorry, but I just don´t understand the mindset of the Developers.


Cheers to blizzard for finally standing up to griefers!

Now add a 15 min time limit and watch the horde anger cause the implosion of space-time as we know it!


That links to a BFA changelog.

Honestly, this fix just made it even worse. Now you get to sit there and watch and slowly die for 30+ seconds.


Check the bottom, there’s a Classic portion to it.

Since Blizzard now making changes to a 15 yr old game, I suggest we revert to 1.5 AV and remove CRBGs


This will do literally nothing.

Why can’t they just remove the BG#? Why was that ever even a thing to begin with? Do that and you resolve basically 99% of issues with AV, and therefore PvP. (other than the bots)

Please Bliz, listen to the people.


And then we are left with the horde turdle, which is the very thing that led to premades being focused on in the first place.

No. The horde should NOT be allowed to just have their way. If there is no 15 min time limit to stop horde turdles, then there should be no removal of alliance premades. The end.

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And the backdoors, and bugging the NPCs, and the odd boss pulls on both sides, and the faction imbalanced queues, and…

There’s tons of issues with AV that need to be addressed. This change and the premades are just a few of them.


The horde literally only turtle because we can’t beat a premade in a race. And it’s effective. It’s really fun to beat premades of high rank PvPers, not gonna lie.

Horde don’t mind it the way that it is. You seem to be getting increasingly mad over it though. So let me spoiler it for you. Alliance will never be good. You will never win PvP BGs. Nor in World PvP. That’s your fate in classic.

Accept it.

Removing BG#s will help Alliance more than Horde. When you learn that, maybe you’ll stop hurting yourself in your confusion.

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Wow and this is the time that Bliz thinks they should be more amicable? Every single one of those folks should be reset to rank 1 on their mains and alts along with the suspension.

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Incorrect. The horde were turtling using the Scorched Earth strategy beforehand. Premades were formed as a reaction to the horde needlessly increasing the length of the BG.