Thinking of transfering

Hello everyone. I am thinking of transfering to this server. I was wondering how this relm is. Is it heavy on holy paladins or healers in general? How is the pve scene? Is it hard to find dungeon groups while lvling and at 60? Any good raiding guilds?

Thanks for any info.

Thinking on rolling horde on this Server. Any info is appreciated. I see the server is currently on Medium. Maybe thats not a good idea.

Despite what some say, this would be a medium-high server in vanilla. Alliance side has 7-8 guilds clearing MC, some running multiple groups.

If you want to be a part of a mega server, this isn’t the place for you. If you want to recapture that feeling of community from vanilla, this is a great server.

Horde side is a little less populated, but not terribly so.


I could give two Scheißen about a mega server. This sounds great!

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lots of good raiding guilds here and there’s weekly pugs also holy paladin is high in demand


Horde side is decently strong. It has more of an authentic Vanilla feel to the server imo than the mega servers.

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Honestly, this server is probably the closest to what vanilla was like compared to any other server currently. If you want the authenticity of it, come on over!


I’m late on this thread, just transferred over about a week or so ago. Loving it. Great sense of community.


Welcome to the server chief.
Do yourself a favour and put Embellish on ignore right now.

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Put Embellish on ignore? Oh do tell.

Town fool.

Haven’t had the displeasure of meeting or seeing him in chat yet. I suspect with a community like this server has, he’d be blacklisted from 90% Of content rather fast.

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I still would like some more insight into this, like… is it just offensive things? or is it random stuff that makes no sense (think Cliff from Cheers).

I’m also thinking of transferring. How do class populations look? Anything lacking and or overabundant here on Horde?

Any weekend raids?

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Don’t transfer here. I transferred from Fairbanks and regret it. I have done only 3 dungeons on this server from 36-48. It is nearly impossible to find groups. I play all day and can’t get in anything, it just takes too long. I ask in every zone if people want to do elite quests and never has anyone messaged me or invited me to do them because there is no one.

Nothing on the AH sells. NOTHING. I couldn’t sell any of my cloth so I just leveled up my first aid even though I don’t need it.

I vendored all my stuff because I am deleting this character and posted in LFG channel that I am giving away mount money and 14 slots bags to someone who opens trade window on me and literally not one person did or messaged me about it. I didn’t have even one piece of 40+ gear because I couldn’t get into one dungeon past SM and the AH has almost nothing.

This server is just a waste of time. Maybe it’s different at 60, but if you are new or leveling, DON’T COME HERE for Horde.


You need to just grind dude. it gets better. Find a guild that’ll help you out. & ive made over 400 gold in the past 2 days from AH selling.

Over populated servers are going to be better for dungeon based leveling, as there are more people to group with.

Less populated servers are MUCH better for end-game as there are enough materials for everyone to use.

So while your experience might be “worse” for you 1-59, at 60, its MUCH better.


I’ve also noticed an increase in activity on horde side. It’s not all bad.

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Hows the realm these days? I’ve got a few friends coming over from Horde side as the PvP Queues are just not playable…

It’s great. It’s got that original vanilla feel.