Thinking of transfering over, 60 UD Mage, some?

Real quick info:

60 Undead mage on Faerlina. MC/ONY attuned, full Bis pre-raid gear, epic mount, master tailor/master alchemist. I give this info because:

  1. i’d like to know which guilds are actually currently running Molten Core and Oynxia and would be looking to recruit a mage.

general questions:

  1. is the Horde side population healthy to run non-end game dungeons?

  2. is there enough server population to make transfering worth it in general

  3. i see people complain about an Alliance imbalance, same as on Faerlina. Is it unlilkely that Battlegrounds (which will be non-cross realm this time) are a viable option to play as Horde?

  4. how is the community in-game Horde side in general? Friendly/chatty/quiet/standoffish?

thanks in advance.

Pretty sure transfers to this realm are closed.

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yeah, closed.

weird, last night during queues it still gave me the option to transfer over.

I saw transfers are now open to move off.

I have to wonder, now I am looking at the servers in game, if that was a typo. This is a US East server, the two destination servers are Latin America and Brazil.

Edit: this HAS to be a typo. Logging into a layered server, the realm xfer option is available. Logging into Heartseeker, it isn’t. Kaivax made an oopsie.

Latin American and Brazilian serves were released only recently, so players from those regions had to roll on regular NA servers at launch. The new transfers available are designed for them.

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