They shrunk the good boy!

Going for the achievement in the hope this will be reverted but it’s one less reason to engage in hours of activity if it isn’t in the near term. That’s what you want right Blizz? me spending time here vs. spending money elsewhere, this is an easy fix/win.

Please revert Taivan back to his original larger size.

I was really looking forward to having my large bakar mount after doing all the work to complete this huge achievement.

Still haven’t fixed the Now THIS is Dragon racing Meta Achievement not giving out the rewards when earned, but they did nerf the giant dog mount. This stuff is why I’m currently running my time out on my sub.


The real Taivan wouldn’t sit still long enough for you to put a saddle on him anyway, he’s too busy licking and playing with you.

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I can’t believe you’ve done this to the best boy! Please change him back!

Please make him big again! He doesn’t deserve to be smol!

Like, I’m the 300th person to say this, but I wanted Taivan, not one of the 24 regular Bakar I petted along the way. The goodest boy, not the okayest boy


Please give us our boy back :frowning:


They’re all good dogs, Bront.

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In the lore? I always thought that in the lore they were quite different.

Please revert it Blizz. Ever since I did Taivan’s quest I kept thinking to myself “Can I ride dat dawg?!” Now I can but you nerfed his size :frowning:


I thought in game. But looked it up and it was female Orc that is the same height as male Human.

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April 16, 2024

  • A 5% increase to Taivan’s size can now be purchased using the in-game shop for $39.99.
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I had no plans to get this mount and don’t know much about it but seeing the overall response…what a fail on Blizzard’s end. Simply tone def and disappointing.

I think we need a Taivan glyph.

  • Glyph of the Biggest Boy
  • Glyph of Yet Another Wolf Mount
  • Glyph of the Don’t Block My Mailbox

Make everyone happy.

Don’t ignore our Taivan pleas

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Oh, with people that block things, there’s an interact tool in wow already you can set a random keybind to so if you stare towards it only NPC and items glow yellow and hit interact and you auto-click through everyone, so them shrinking taivan was pointless! D:

make good boy large again pls thx

got home mounted up. STILL ISNT FIXED BLIZZORD!11!

Seriously, revert it already

Blizzard: “Oh god, they found out about Taivan. They’re going nuts! What do we do??”

Overlords: “Release the news of MoP Remix.”

Blizzard: “But it’s too early for that. Maybe we should–”

Overlords: “RELEASE IT!!!”

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