They shrunk the good boy!

I’m probably the minority here but I am thankful this change happened. The saddle was too big for character models before and it didn’t look good in my opinion. I was still grinding the meta but I don’t think I would have ever used it due to the size. I’ll use it now!

Kinda sucks that they nerfed Taivan being big-- that’s like his entire shtick, isn’t it? We have ridiculously large mounts like mammoths, corehounds, and a friggin’ brutosaur, but an overly large good boi is suddenly too big?

I really hope Taivan gets to be his original size again, this is truly a devastating change TuT


Please change him back! This is going to kill the only reason why many players are still active.


I finally unlocked the achievement and got the mount today with the reset, only to find the mount size was seriously nerfed. While I still love the mount, it’s seriously disappointing putting in all those hours expecting an accurate sized mount. I’d love for them to change it back, but knowing how much Blizzard hates fun, I don’t expect them to return his size =/


Fix this nonsense

Big boy, best boy!

Had to wait two weeks to finish my last achievement and finally got it after reset today. So disappointed. He’s way too small for Kul Tirans.

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Whoever at Blizzard thought that making this giant dog smaller would be a good idea, needs to be fired. They clearly don’t understand the appeal of the mount, or anything about fun, or the amount of effort required to get the mount in the first place.
From the moment everyone saw Taivan in Ohn’ahran Plains, it was love at first sight. Everyone loves this very good big boy. Nobody said, I’d like to ride him, but make it smaller. NOBODY!
Reverse this stupid change.


BLIZZARD no one asked for this good boi nerf for sure. Why did you do the nerf that’s not even required in the first place. MAKE HIM BIG AGAIN!!! You guys literally ruined my day with this nerf news. like whyyyyy?
everyone is working so hard with this meta achievement just to get the BIG GOOD BOI. please FIX IT!

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Please embiggen him, Blizzard! He’s so tiny now. :frowning:


I prefer my reality Blizzard! Big boy needs to be big!

Don’t tell me your listening, prove it! Talk to us!

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Also signing the petition to reBIGIFY Taivan the Good Boi.

There’s already very few actual Dog mounts in the game, and regard to Taivan’s story about being exceptionally large, it just feels like an injustice to see him smol now :pensive:

Please reconsider and bring back our giant floofy doggo!


He’s a perfectly cromulent mount.

The first thing I thought when I saw Taivan is cool, I hope I get to ride him! I was so happy during Homeward Hound that I got to do so. AT NO POINT DID I THINK THIS DOG IS TOO BIG OR TOO GOOD… He was the perfect big and perfect good boy… undo this awful change.

Now Blizzard just ruined him.

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This is the part that i dont understand. His whole deal according to the INGAME QUESTS AND STORY is that he is a Great Big Boy.

So some dev decided to shrink him? WTF?

Dear Blizzard, part of the appeal of Taivan as a mount is the unusual size. Is there a reason he couldn’t be the size of other large 4-legged mounts ?


Please Blizzard, restore Taivan to his biggest boi status! His whole storyline is based around him being huge, and that was the whole appeal in having him as a mount. He should be stupidly, inconveniently, large. He should be the kind of mount you parade through the open spaces in town, knowing full well he will never fit through a doorway.


Restore taivan


Same. I will spam their systems and if its not fixed within 2 weeks i can ignore the last season entirely it looks bland anyways


Unshrink! Reenbiggen!


Sorry to say Fun was detected and you know how blizzard is about players having real fun now…