They should allow us to charge people to whisper us

like in eve online you can set it so people have to pay money to send you mail (to prevent spammers).

Im a very popular person so this would greatly benefit me because I get so much fain mail every day.

Thank you

I would like being able to turn off whispers. Is there an option existing in the game without addon?


I’m popular as well and would too benefit from this.

Also you owe me a quarter for commenting on this thread.


Who are you again??

Never heard of you.


I think we should get 10% of the repair cost when people use our repair/tmog mount services


Don’t be like that, Doug. I can change!

I’m Mayden the fabulous warlock fox.

That’ll be a quarter for quoting me.


Not ringing any bells, sorry.

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Darn. Welp back to the dunes.

So pals just pay each other money? Weird stuff! :wink:

No one messages me in game, 99.999999% of the time. So I even find a scammer message exciting! “Wow, that guy misspelled “Blizzard” in a new and different way!”


people here are just faining the flames

Free for the rider, 10% that other’s use goes to us.

That’d actually be fun. But I know people in this game would abuse that and just have their WoW up and have an add-on that just let’s them sit in Boralus all day.

No, so I decided to install badboy and all its extensions. One of the extensions you can download along with it lets you block whispers from everyone, and lets you check to allow whispers from: friends, guild, group.

You can also block messages from people that are not “insert level.”

There is also the extension that lets you add a filter so that you won’t see messages that have the word you put into the filter.

There is also an unlimited ignore extension as well :slight_smile:

To pull up the addon in-game just type /badboy

Ok, thanks.

thats 2 quarters for quoting him twice

what is fain mail?

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Posting in a legendary “Doug the Popular” thread. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

/moo :cow:

Wish I was popular, no one messages me.

And I hate this idea because I like running low level toons through dungeons and in order to do so. I need to actually send them a message.

:sob: What about those of us no one ever messages? Send us your messages oh wise dead elf! :sob:

He’s Doug!
You know, Doug!

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