They really need to expand on the horde racial leaders

(Galien) #1

whenever we watch an alliance quest chain we see the different faction leaders voicing their opinions and actually having their characters expanded on, and i’m a fan of wow in general so I really honestly do like to see this( even if I play devils advocate to a lot of the alliance posters) but whenever we see the horde it is literally Slyvanas and Nathanos being edgy which admittedly was cool to see at first because it really helped build Nathanos’s character but when that’s all I ever see it’s just super annoying. The horde is a very diverse faction and each of the race’s have a history that shapes their outlook on ethics and what is right vs what is necessary. Loth’remar should have been directly opposed to what happened in the darkshore warfront and rightfully so his race was purged by the exact same tactics, but instead we see him sitting at the camp fire minding his own business, at least let Romath say something to Nathanos about it. Give us some inclination that thee writing team understands the horde lore. The orcs have survivors of the second war like Saurfang and Drek’thar they have seen purges like the one Slyvanas did but the orcs remain silent and unrepresented at the meeting. Gallywix is a really bad guy but he’s shown that even he has his limits on what he’s willing to do, I don’t expect him to speak out but I expect him to at the very least be a little uncomfortable. The nightborne literally just defeated a despot leader and now the first Arcanist isn’t saying anything really.
the tauren have Baine who comes off as too alliance friendly which is okay until you consider the alliance just destroyed the golden fleet and murdered the King of the Zandalari. The high mountain are just kinda there I guess? Where is the push back? In mists we at the very least had the racial leaders speaking their minds to Garrosh but now we just have a group of yes men with no personality to help play up how GeNiUs Slyvanas is. Give us something blizzard please don’t ruin all of the horde racial leaders for the sake of a single story.

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Have you a moment to talk about our lord and savior, ENTER-key?

(Galien) #3

thanks for the amazing input. It’s so nice to see people able to stay on topic and not derail a post.

(Ximothy) #4

I think we tend to get the Horde’s racial leaders opinion, collectively, more often than the Alliance’s own.

In Patch 8.1.5, we get the Horde leader’s current opinion on Sylvanas. Most of them don’t approve of Sylvanas that much. Only Gallywix and Geya’rah don’t seem to mind her tactics, everyone else seems at least cautious of where she’s taking the Horde.

Eitrigg and Rexxar, two veterans of the First and Second Wars, voiced their disapproval of Sylvanas’ tactics. They are the current voice of the Durotar orcs.

(Etheldald) #5

Not really.
when was the last time that every alliance leader voiced their opinion?
not even in broken shore.

(Jawah) #6

To be fair, the Horde leaders have always been like this. For example: When Garrosh led an assault against Theramore. Vol’jin and Baine personally fought side-by-side with him in the battle, and even saved him from an Alliance trap at one point.

(Anyaceltica) #7

Whenever Tyrande opens her mouth?

Besides, having a contrary opinion only happens to make the Wrynns look good by proving said person wrong.


immediately flashes back to A Little Patience, cringes

(Galien) #9

Genn literally all of the time just to start, Tyrande in the opening of the new warfront, Jania to the point can’t stand it anymore. If you aren’t watching the cinematics or playing with your sound off that’s cool but the alliance cast has been pretty well flushed out.

(Etheldald) #10

that is like, 3 alliance leaders.
what about velen? the dwarfs? gelbin? aysa? malfurion? turalyon? alleria who is just a random npc in the boat?

(Galien) #11

okay please tell me how many times we have seen horde leadership opinions in this xpac other than saurfang and baine.

(Etheldald) #12

literally everyone after baines arrest.

(Galien) #13

shifting uncomfortably is not character developement

(Cursewords) #14

To be fair, that hasn’t happened lore wise. It is datamined info. Subject to change and unfinished.

As of live :

Is a reasonable observation. It isnt until god knows when that Baine’s arrest takes place, lore wise. It would appear to be on the horizon.

And their opinions seem driven by Baine’s arrest more so than the war. They don’t begin to express opinions until that point.

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Holy wall of text, Batman! This post sure seems pretty un-derailed if you ask me!

… but for real my guy, paragraphs. They are important.


I’ll admit that’s too “wall-o-text” to convince me to read it, but from “They really need to expand on the horde racial leaders” all I can say is yeah no sh*t lol, been this way for a few years I think.