They made the mage tower a perfect replica of its original launch state

I guess most people forgot how badly hated the mage tower was by the majority of the playerbase on launch for being “to hard”.

Most of the love for it people had only came about when they could over gear it.

Definition of rose tinted goggles.

That said the salt is glorious.


as predicted

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I waited till I was geared in ToS before even attempting it in Legion.

Tower was silly difficult when it launched in 7.2.

It was terrible. I hated having to struggle through it but wanted the priest artifact look so I did it. You won’t see me ever gracing that place again.

I think the difference you’re overlooking OP is that when it released it was right at the start of a tier and you could gear up. Gear helped. But by the end of the patch it was very much doable for most people.

We’re sort of permanently stuck in whatever phase Blizz tunes it to. If they tune it to how it was at initial launch, yeah it’ll be rough.

Don’t really understand the rose tinted google thing, most people are enjoying the challenge.

But yes, there are plenty of people expecting an easy kill and will whine if they have to work.


not really rose tented glasses. just remembering they enjoyed it when it wasnt overly tuned for them.

Sounds like the same sort of people who would brag about killing heroic denathrius now when they are decked out in 252 gear…

Some were overtuned or required a very specific legendary to beat but plenty were doable at launch. Doesn’t seem to be the case right now

nah. its not a brag about completing the mage tower. its literally ‘i enjoyed the mage tower (while overgeared)’. its not a brag.

i think its funny blizzard would tune something to appease the top players but just aggrevate the majority average player. ‘it needs to be challenging!!!’ says the 10 percent of playerbase. ‘this is too hard!!!’ says the 90 percent of players.

I think it’s funny that the people who have been begging for solo content (and old content at that) are whining that the can’t complete it within the first few hours of it being live.

What a rancid take.

We had an artifact weapon and access to legendaries when it was first released, and it was tuned around that.

What we got now is reused content. They couldn’t even be bothered to tune it against what we have now so they just disabled everything, made sweeping number changes to the encounters, and then to further encapsulate their laziness, didn’t bother testing it.


How long will the tower be around for?

2 weeks then it will be gone for like 6 months

Mate I’ve had today’s date marked down for salt since it was announced that this would be day one of the mage tower.

Hell I woke up this morning to a reminder I Pu on my phone months ago to come view the salt.

MM Hunter Mage Tower: you could usually get Raest to around 30% by phase 3 back in Legion.
Timewalking Mage Tower: You can’t even get him to 70%.

Frost DK Mage Tower: Back in Legion Xylem’s Frostbolt did less than 15% of your health.
Timewalking Mage Tower: It does more than 20% and you’d be lucky getting past the first Razor Ice.

Also keep in mind that we had an outrageous power creep in Legion that we were able to utilize in the Mage Tower, such as survivability, legion-daries, artifacts. In the 9.1.5 version, everything that isn’t in our spellbook is disabled.

It’s not that the fights are hard, because they’re supposed to be. It’s the fact that the fights are overtuned to the point where it’s basically impossible to do. There’s a difference between difficult and undoable.

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This current iteration is slightly harder… WITHOUT any of the cool-looking rewards (minus the bear) :laughing:

Honestly it feels very unforgiving, the “friendly” NPCs die in like 2 hits in most of the encounters. I don’t remember Velen getting 1-shotted back in Legion…

So not only must you have perfect play, you also have to pray to the RNG gods that your “allies” don’t suddenly get 1-shotted, ending your attempt :roll_eyes:

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mechanically twins isnt even hard. but its definitely a numbers issue. For spriest atleast its a race. Before on ptr u could kill walking monkey chasing u and tank the shadow bolts and win. But now if u do u will die. But as shadow u also do not have numerous ways to slow so you have to burst down raest before walkin guy catches u. And unfortunately i only have pvp gear. I feel i numbers wise do not have the dps required to do this. Lowest attempt is 13% and at that point walkin man sprints.

Totally agree. Twins isn’t hard at all. But there is a BIG numbers issue. I remember back in 7.2, MM Hunters could get Raest to almost 30% before Phase 3. Now, you can’t even get him to 50% because we’re either too weak, or they have too much health.