They Lobotomized the Water Elemental

The way they took our constant companions away like they meant nothing shows just how out of touch they are. Those elementals were more than just numbers on a spreadsheet to us.

I managed to capture one and use pet biscuits to simulate the real thing.


the one tiny lil thing that kept me going on retail mage was the elemental lol. now my mage is unused lol.
just dont feel right without him plus he somehow made mage more fun, its super bad here lol.


Amazingly, bly found a way. It certainly wasn’t an OPTIONAL operation.

I miss my WE, just having him around gave you an extra snare when frost nova etc were on CD. I would gladly give up some dps power to have him back permanently.


Quote from Sarm
Wait a sec, are you the same Noixi that’d write INSULTABILITY all the time in the mage forum years ago?
The one and ONLY. Singular and PLURAL.
And I also invented BALANCE MONGERING, COUNTER WHINEY, and authored “If Cars were made like Mages”.

Guess my FANBOI base is still out there.

It’s a shame that they took it out as a constant pet. I’d rather have Frost get a permanent pet option that actually has some use than it be a limited spell ability. I miss my elemental.


Maybe it’s commentary on how water has memory but his is more a Flowers for Algernon-kinda water elemental?

Maby they Carbonated it and or made it out of tap water instead of distilled water. Tap water would Lobotomize any water elemental with all the junk that is in it including Chlorine.

I still have some mage characters having Water Elementals summoned indefinitely

I tried to keep Dusty 70% alcohol during Covid, but I couldn’t keep the Dwarves off him.

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:rofl: That is funny haha.

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Something tells me that this is the viewpoint of a very small number of players. Blizzard has data on what people are running, and if they thought that a significant number of players wanted it to be there (by running it at any point since the end of Warlords), they would have found a way to keep it.

Also, a default move for a lot of wow players is to either ask a random streamer what talent build is best, just copy the wowhead build without thinking and never change it until some of their points get reset (either by update, or the next expansion).

Casualty of all the people who QQ on the forums about button bloat. That was an extra button the spec could have, and (according to the forums), specs have too many buttons as is, so the extra button that almost nobody took got removed.

Of course, they never misjudge player sentiment. :roll_eyes:

Reading this gave me a headache, I’m not sure what you want or what point you’re trying to get across but you’re doing it poorly. :no_mouth:

Anyway, I feel they should’ve KEPT water elemental – buffed it to a high regard to compete with the talent of those that didn’t want the elemental, along with probably throwing in some customisation suggestions like they did with us warlocks :muscle: Getting customisable water elemental would be fun.


I’m curious.
Did the headache go AWAY, after you REPLIED, to “Reading this”?

They could have just added a “Summon Water Elemental” tome to the Dalaran mage vendor and have it be a non-combat companion until you use Icy Veins. It seems like a fairly obvious solution for the RPers and people who enjoyed the class fantasy of having a water elemental follow them.


Go here to the Q & A to leave questions directly for the developers to answer. It closes soon so let them know your concerns:

I mean the water elemental seemed kind of wishy washy to me anyways…

I’ll see myself out.

Went away after I left the thread honestly.
However the reading part was an attempt, particularly translating the words in combination with one another. I didn’t think that’d need explaining, yet here we are.

Well. When a Metroid and a Swimming Pool love eachother very, very much…