@ Thesixthman, Human Warlock

Hey man, did you play vanilla on Stormscale Alliance? I saw you in desolace yesterday and freaked out, because if you did, we know one another. Lanshadow, Gibbus, Gonz. Poice north poice. The greasy Pig…

My main back then was Memnok, human mage. Hope it’s you man, it’s been what, 12 years?


I remember killing him and some 55+ Ret paladin in WPL on my warlock after watching his videos way back in the day. Was a proud moment for some reason back then. Never found in him the world before or after encounter. Would be cool if he was on the same server again.

Memnok! good to hear from you and glad u play on Fairbanks man. If I remember correctly you were in the army back then. Hope you made it out in one piece buddy. I was really hoping OG RoD would make an appearance for wow classic. Pigga started it up but noone else seemed interested. Theniel played for a bit. Lanshadow, Gibbus, Cashmoney, Besessens, Fallencarl, Zivel, Zeta, Meklor, Beefwrap and all those guys i still talk to and drink with IRL. They play TBC private servers, wont touch this game with a 10 foot pole. Layering really soured them.

I know there’s a bunch of stormscalians horde and alliance sprinkled across this server and in fact a few are in my guild.

Man o man i wish you rolled alliance but, hey, now i get to kill you for reporting our guild name back in the day :wink:

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I didn’t report the guild! I reported Adams name and they also saw the guild XD. I left the army after 10 years, got injured in Iraq. I have an alt account, I’ll make an alliance toon and come chat. What time are you usually on?

There’s no usual time for me unfortunately. Job hours are weird and this pandemic makes things even weirder but I am on right now til late.

Sorry to hear you got injured man. You’re a strong minded dude with a good attitude tho, I’m sure it only made you stronger. Big thanks for being over there, I wouldnt have the balls to do that kind of thing.

LOL and ya Adam’s name was over the top, it was just a matter of time before we got shutdown to be honest. So strange how they allowed it in diablo 2 though.
Anyways, hopefully we can connect sooner than later. I’ll see you out there brother.

I remember TSM’s pvp video!