These tank nerfs are terrible top to bottom

many times in SL I not caring about kicks or what random internet people think of me was going tank dude…look at healer bars on the ui. they are OOM.

don’t care.

was always nice to see them die like muppets after. Natural selection wow style. why I like hunters. feign death/camo and wait for the crew to come back from the gy run.

Tanks were pulling massive groups with so much unavoidable AoE going out that DPS were dropping like flies and healers were struggling to keep up. It was an absolute fuster cluck and needed to be reigned in.


Just yesterday there was a thread full of tanks bragging about how they dont even need healers in dungeons.

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Literally this like Tanks messed around and now they’re finding out they were straight up asking for it.

Doesn’t help if your Preservation Evoker with the range tbh flying around trying to figure out where that one dps is who’s out of range and taking damage :dracthyr_cry_animated:

Why couldn’t they just cave and give us 40yd range

Healers become more useless as groups catch up on gear. This has always been the case. Raids drop healers. M+ groups in some rarer cases bring no healer. Groups with well timed cooldowns that know how to interrupt and dodge mechanics have also previously timed +25 keys. None of this is new.

I have yet to hear about a healer that loves babysitting a tank. Typically the exact opposite is true. It’s the reason why a lot of tanks have liked BDK even though inexperienced healers hated them. There have been multiple patches where BDK has been extremely strong to the point of needing no external healing with the exception of maybe an external damage reduction cd. I don’t remember ever having a single healer complain about not having to heal. They always loved it. Look back at BFA prot warrior. Best mitigation and best damage by a mile. They stayed that way almost the entire expansion. No healer in their right mind complained about it.

So they are trying to give the healer something to do aside from standing their lifeless in a M0 they already out gear in a week. Nobody cares what tanks are doing in a M0 or a low M+ key. Outside of hyper coordinated MDI groups, tanks will not be pulling like that in content that matters.

yeah such as people actually finishing dungeons/raids and not having to play as much, thus blizz making less monies imo lol


Which is a problem that needs to be solved.

Then you should tell your healers that Healing isn’t for them and they should play DPS

Even if these nerfs actually equated to an earnest 10% damage taken (they don’t) this would be a hyperbolic view of the effect.

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People are over reacting they got off easy so far this is like a slap on the wrist warning if anything.


And yet affixes like grievous exist and on that week healers are mia. It’s almost like they don’t want to deal with the extra stress and group damage.


This is the entire issue in a nutshell.

Massive, massive overreaction from community.

The change changes almost nothing about day to day play, and will only marginally change gameplay at the top end of pushing.

Chances are, this nerf will not actually change ANYTHING noticably, and will likely lead to further discrepancy between the good and bad tanks (and yes, there definitely are good and bad tanks).


The answer is simple. Don’t pug any more. Just queue with guildies only. Thats my plan :slight_smile: When DPS realize their group never gets filled and they wait hours they’ll complain on the forums. Why would any tank subject themselves to a pug now lol


It honestly blows my mind how outrageous people have been.

Tanks were soloing mythic dungeons. Anybody who honestly thinks these changes aren’t warranted either doesn’t play or is delusional.

I mean… as a Guardian Druid, I’m totally fine with it. I was expecting MUCH, MUCH worse. If 10% is really the full length of nerfs to the spec, I’m in for a great season.


some of these tanks were practically immortal. Im fine with the nerfs.

Yes which is a problem that also needs to be guess what solved Blizzard needs to stop ignoring these things and start stepping in and dealing with it.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with these nerfs is just flat out ignorant to how powerful tanks were/are. You literally do not need a healer as a tank whatsoever in these m0s, and this is at the absolute bottom in terms of player power currently

If you have even a remotely competent tank in your group as a healer, I guarantee you could take the tank completely off your party frames and it would make no difference


Tell it to Brewmasters