These neutral guard changes just made it easier

To gank people. I no longer need to play defensively watching aggro ranges. I just doubled my kill count in a span of time by being able to play aggressively and then escape. Who was this supposed to help? the gankers or the victims?

Melee might have a harder time but as for range, it’s even better now.




Were you unable to play aggressively and then escape before the changes?

I was just too far away for the guards to aggro to begin with. But you had to be careful of pat’s and not accidentally aoeing a guard and aggroing it (say a good example is hunter multishot.) Now that i don’t have to worry about hitting / aggroing guards because they will regardless i can open up with all my abilities.

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So you could have been doing the same thing all along?


Sure, But why aggro guards if you didn’t have too.

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You said the changes just made it easier to gank people… but you could have been doing the same thing all along.


I think you might be introducing logic into the thread… that is a big no no.


Found the butthurt.
It’s pretty clear what he means. He now only has one forced play style which makes him more efficient. This is counter productive to the people this fix was supposed to help.



And i would also like to add that people who fight back actually get attacked by guards now, which is a welcome fix.

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Riiight. I look forward to the hotfix.

… it better enforces the authentically intended consequence of PvPing in a goblin city by challenging the attacker to fight, die, or escape the guards.

Maybe I’m crazy, but it sounds like the patch is working exactly as intended to me.