These CC Changes... What were they thinking?

LMAO what a strange insult…oh noes your only in the top 5%. Just a fyi…if you are in the top 5% then anything you say in regards to game balance can be disregarded. Blizzard should only be listening to the majority, and that is those below 1800 rating.

What also needs to change is that when someone successfully jukes an interrupt, precog should also reset your trinket.

Those 1800 rating players should pretend they have no understanding because it would be true and actually GET BETTER at the game instead of crying because their bad at the game.

12 year+ player here
these changes are marginally good

kidney still needs a longer cooldown and mfd needs removed from the god damn game but overall these are good at first glance

intim being a 3s for a minute CD kinda blows though
but getting an aoe disarm and ros being on the general tree competing with a fluff nodes?
definitely will take that lmfao

Don’t worry, RSS already did that. Lol

I feel like the “ive played wow for 12 years” folks are upset, its probably a good change

Saw a lot of that with removing rank tied to PvP ilevel

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They laid out exactly what they were thinking for each change. Have you read it?

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Lmaooo dude is bragging with 2k rating in a 3k meta :rofl: :rofl:

Nope, CC this expansion has been out of control. The new talent trees have given classes access to multiple CCs that they didn’t have access to before.

I’ve been playing arena since TBC and the amount of CC has never been this bad like it is in DF.

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That Monk is 100% trolling. Lol

What are you talking about?

I have too, which is why I said it’s lazy.

They literally just gave classes tons of cc back, so we get the relentless trinket bonus, but it wasn’t enough so they nerf cc more.

Blizz should have realized how bad the cc bloat was going to be, but they are stubborn and want to keep everything in the game. The talent trees were lazy designs that just gave back old utility bloat that had been pruned, took SL legendaries/conduits/cov abilities and made them into talents, as well as a bunch of damage modifiers that let ppl kill you in a 3s cc chain. They created all these problems by not designing good talent trees and just went lol classic was cool

they dont read the arena forums ever so dont worry about that :smiling_face: :clinking_glasses:

dude also talked down to a multi glad 3k+ player and called him a “jealous 2200 player”

i love unhinged monk players man
i’m waiting for him to enter his “my bank account go brr urs is weak god haha gottem” arc

shut up dozer

k im NOT wrong though ggs :sunglasses: :v:

nice quick edit, glad to see you’re still using gamer words

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and im “glad” to sea it still upsets you :sunglasses: :v: gs

These changes are a good start. Shorter cc means we can actually play the game a bit more.

Id go a bit further and make stunned targets take half damage though. Using cc to completely disable a player while you kill them is super unfair.

Also having all CC share DR should be the next change. Any cc would fill a “resist” bar by an appropriate amount and when its full you become immune for x seconds. This would discourage cc spamming.

But lets play this for a while so people can get used to it before we make those changes.

Rofl. Lmao even.

the game is on life support currently. definitely worth the risk of shaking things up vs the guaranteed result of not trying to improve.