These bugs need to be fixed ASAP (DME & Ghetto hearth)

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the bug reporting section and general but I wanted to post it here also to see what everyone thinks of this.

I want to address the bugs/exploits people have been using liberally in wow classic that need changes – Dire Maul East (DME) solo runs and ghetto hearthing. These are exploits in the sense that players take advantage of game mechanics and benefit from this by either making a lot of gold or simply saving a lot of travel time.

I’ll start with DME. Here, players exploit the mob pathing of mobs and bosses to solo the instance and clear all the way to the mining nodes at the end which yield a sought after item – arcane crystals. This has been no secret since DMEs release but because it is so available and easy to do, people run with it and don’t call it out for what it is – an actual exploit. I think removing the current pathing can make it so players are not able to exploit and thus not solo this dungeon that was meant to be cleared with more than 1 player.

The second exploit is ghetto hearthing. With ghetto hearthing, someone goes into a dungeon with a party, disbands party and then is sent to their hearthstone location regardless of the cooldown remaining on the hearthstone. This issue was fixed around Wrath of the Lich King expansion, if I remember correctly, and it was a welcome change. It made mages and warlocks abilities (portals and summons) more useful and sought after.

To wrap it all up, this game has several bugs still, but I believe fixing these 2 bugs will improve gameplay and make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Instances like DME are not meant to be a solo grind and hearthstones should not be able to be used off cooldown. Which is why I am asking the Bug team to take a look at these and consider making these changes.