These AoE caps are blown out of proportion

First off let’s address the elephant in the room, you’ve all been exposed to some fake news from that stupid video from that monk who should frankly be ashamed of himself

That guy had enough options to completely make that a non problem and decided to spread that around like its some game breaking mechanic for running old content
Guess what team? It isn’t
He could have easily chi burst them and wiped them all out, could have more than likely killed everything by simply hitting earth storm and fire or could have even whirling dragon punched it

By the looks of it every class in the game is going to be able to wipe out scores of trash mobs

And seriously if I have to hit fan of knives 3 times instead of 1 I’ve added a grand total of 2 seconds to my clear time and that’s if I’m even bothering to clear trash

AoE creep has been a real thing and it’s an issue, what you’re seeing here is something called an integrity change and some times devs have to double down and just do things like this

If you play a class that doesn’t do insane AoE damage the solution isn’t to just add more AoE damage to the kit or everything starts to get stupid

I get it we all like killing big trash packs but it doesn’t mean anything anymore because it’s just the standard

It also begs the question of what is a realist amount of mobs to be killing at once?
Should we really be able to pull every single trash pack before the first boss in free hold and just nuke them down in a few seconds flat?

What’s the point in adding adds to a fight if they’re so simple to kill because we can nuke them in 2 seconds?
Are they even relevant at that point if we just dumpster them?

Look if you feel like the best thing in the game is just getting 200 mobs grouped up and blowing them up in a single hit you can play Diablo 3 and achieve that - however we keep saying that the damn game is just turning into D3 and want to move away from that
And guess what? You’ll still be able to do that anyways

The only people this really effects is people doing MDI pulls in M+
You know, that group of people everyone keeps saying we shouldn’t be catering the game around

In closing we’ve managed to play the game with way less AoE than we currently have, the majority of the game has had a form of AoE caps and the game isn’t going to be ruined because some monk decided he’d make a video of him farming a low level raid to prove a stupid point and prove it poorly


getting bland flavorless cookies instead of the decent chocolate chip cookies we’ve been used to.

it’s a regression of fun. sure everything will be manageable and we’ll find ways. it just won’t be quite as fun.

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We’ve had 2 xpacs of over the top AoE

I’m 100% sure this didn’t getting anyone’s blood pumping anymore considering it’s completely just normal class behaviour now


You know, I was up in arms about aoe after I saw that video too. What you’re saying makes sense.

I’d like to see some video of other beta players running some old raids and trying to make it work instead of propoganda. Thanks for bringing this up.


You and I may not agree on a whole lot but I do mostly agree with you here. I want to see it in action for my self. not a hot take video.

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None of the priest abilities have a cap of any kind

Imagine the way you run old content now but with smaller numbers but you have shadow word death baseline

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