There's no worse feeling than being screwed out of a pug

Went to try to pug with a guild (Sons of Lothar) decided to raid ony, forgot my amulet, port back to get it, im like wait for me/don’t start like 10 freaking times. Then the warlock can’t be bothered to summon me, so I had to run all the way back and then the dude starts it anyway, everyone is there, and i’m locked outside. So not only do you screw me out of loot but my time. Thanks for that

Sorry, I just needed to vent

So because YOU made a mistake by forgetting your amulet you’re mad at an entire raid of about 30 other people for not waiting 10-15 minutes for you to go back and get it? And you’re also mad because THEY screwed you out of YOUR loot?

Dude wake TF up. You’re the problem here. Go find another group and get over it.