There should be a solo pillar of endgame

what do you exactly have against this existing?

You realize that shadow lands pvp gear can be upgraded to 190 right?

So yet again, you are wrong in what you are saying.

Here’s a source for you:

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Just play Diablo 3.

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Brawlers guild

diablo 3 is the cloest theres been to a “solo wow” its a shame that its incompetently designed in every aspect outside of the core combat mechanics.

The honor vendor is currently selling gear at ilvl 68. That is right now totally useless. I’m not sure how you can even suggest the contrary.

Honor gear cannot be upgraded to 190. It is locked at LFR level. Stop giving out misinformation. Even conquest gear cannot be upgraded without a significant minimum rating.

Read the wowhead article. I’ll link it again since you didnt read it the first time.

why are people so opposed to this idea?

They want you to be forced to raid.

Literally hundreds.

I looked that up. It’s a lie. Stop giving misinformation.

Honor gear will be capped at LFR level. And it will take literally months to buy that gear and upgrade it to that level.

please tell me about them because i would love to play them. unless you are implying any rpg is an “alternative” becuase fallout 4, chrono trigger, and WoW are all fundamentally different.

I’d like some 2-3 player content. Islands were fun! They stopped being relevant after a while, which was disappointing tbh. I’d like something like Mythic plus with no timers for three people - I’m currently shopping around for other games that have something like this but I know I’d miss WoW a lot.

Did you even read the article that you linked? That isn’t what it says at all.

In fact it says PVP gear goes up to ilvl 226 for the highest rated players.

“Currently in the Shadowlands Beta / first tier of the expansion, PvP loot for top ratings caps out at item level 226.”

And here is proof from your article that your entire concept is wrong:

“The design intent is for all three paths to provide parallel progression over the course of a tier, while providing players who engage in multiple paths at a comparable level a faster advancement experience.”

its not even a matter of i want wow to be a solo game. i just want the convenience of being able to do endgame content without dealing with getting together a group

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Naw. There’s plenty to do solo-wise if you’re casual, if you want to better your character after that you have to get into some form of group content. That’s how MMOs work.

So everything outside of group content OP? There’s so much solo player content out there.

my problem is its almost all trivial filler for leveling. i want some solo content that makes full use of wows mechanics like raids and mythic dungeons

We’re getting that with Torghast.

Well, for one, that’s an over exaggeration. Loot is getting rarer all over, including raids. It’s more looking like you need to do as much of the vault stuff as you can than anything.

Two, I honestly rather it moving more towards raid than M+ anyway. M+ is harder to balance properly and, on a personal level i despise the gotta go fast mentality of it. Also, it’s better for raids to have the better loot anyway. When M+ is the best way to gear, raids become pointless. You just clear it once and you’re done. At least M+ has the appeal of pushing your limits higher and higher.

At the very least, when raiding has the best loot, you can actually look forward to getting NEW loot every major patch, not just… well time to go farm Getti with another 20 ilvls until my eyes bleed again! Seriously, it’s BORING having to farm the same gear at a higher ilvl multiple times over the life cycle of the expansion

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