There should be a solo pillar of endgame

the game should have some form of solo endgame (not with much in terms of gear rewards of course) akin to torghast but with a more fleshed out long term progression. think something like solo minidungeons. Or alternatively super large dungeons since you dont have to worry about have 4 to 29 other people stick around, it would be fun.


MMOs might not be your thing if you want solo content.


are there any singleplayer alternatives to wow? didnt think so.


It would also be very hard to balance, both in terms of classes and in terms of difficulty. And because of that would take a lot of time to make.

Which is why, with a very few exceptions, it’s just not going to happen.

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Blizz has got you…let me introduce you to pet battles

They even have pet battle dungeons now.


The game is moving toward the “raid or nothing, and you’d better already be elite on the first character you level up or you won’t be doing any end content at all” model. Before Shadowlands is over there will be no casuals left.

Brawler’s Guild and Pet Battling say hi.


thats not what i asked. unless of course you are joking which in that case, bravo you did a funny,

When I wanna solo I just do the old raids.

brawlers guild is at best an amusing quest chain you can knock out in a day or two. not really a fleshed out game mode. and pet battles while technically solo dont even have the same basic mechanics as the rest of the game

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And there will no subs either gl when your game is empty and they have merge all realms to one lmao.

What are you basing this on? Shadow Lands will have 3 end game paths Raids, M+, and PVP.

Also alts will be super easy to gear…so pretty much nothing you have said is true.

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do you know what problem this would theoratically fix?

Are there single player alternatives to RPGs? Yes. Quite a few.

Once again, almost everything you are saying here is wrong.

I don’t expect you to defend it or clarify this position. As the last time I did you fled the thread with your only response being personally coming after me.


Visions was the solo end-game.

Unique rewards, high tier gear, progressive difficulty. Prestige.

Torghast is supposed to be the next.

PvP is already a sidegame for raiders to get free stuff. There is even more requirement in Shadowlands to have high level PvE gear in order to do what used to be casual PvP. Meanwhile, adding an “honor gear” vendor that gives unusably low ilvl gear with a path to upgrade it to a still useless ilvl while your opponents are fully geared in mythic raid gear…what am I missing? How is that a “gearing path” if the net effect is to lock players into gear that will keep them out of rated PvP?

Do you have any idea how low an ilvl of 68 is?

you look at anyother rpg on the market and tell me that it is an adequate alternative to wow. i dont want an rpg. i want a single player alternative to wow. you cant just point at any game within the same super broad genre and say “look! Just like wow!”

Darksiders II is the only single player game I’ve ever played that felt like WoW in both combat feel and aesthetics. Of course, they never added anything to it lol. The third edition is not as good. There is no other game that can give all that WoW does, if there were, I’d probably jump ship and play that instead.

Any rpg ever? Lol what are you talking about


It really isn’t though.

As for OP, this isn’t a solo game, sorry.

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