"There are no plans for 8.3.5 patch"? PTR says otherwise ;)

I noticed that amidst the beta frenzy (no I didn’t get in!) the PTR client got an update earlier today… to version 8.3.7.

Not sure what changes are in it (and Wowhead’s too busy itemising every moment that someone breathes on the beta to notice and datamine it) but I did get a little laugh out of what’s clearly a slight version number bump so nobody can say “YOU LIED TO US BLIZZ!” etc etc etc.

Yes, this is the trivia that amuses me while you’re all talking covenants and stuff :wink:

Its been at 8.3.7 for a few weeks now. Blizzard put out a post stating there is no new content in that patch and its just some under the hood stuff.


Old news and you are wrong.


Basicly they consider .5 patches to be heavy update patch. 8.3.7. will be more a prepatch than an heavy update patch.

Bah, I completely missed that.

Ah well, just goes to show what making people watch for beta access does to the brain :wink:

What are they hiding!?!?!?!

An illusion, of course!