There are no longer any healthy servers left to play on

This coming from someone with such a toon name… This’ll be good.

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Grobb horde has a strong PvP community so the balance isnt really an issue.


I’ve been chanting this message for months. Bigglesworth Ally had a good 1800 players. The players just got used to the giant servers with the classic increased cap. As of the week before Christmas we had 91 ally who raided. This inaction is making Blizzard money in the short team but losing money in the long term.


Why are you even posting this… Blizzard doesn’t care about their playerbase. If they did this would have already been resolved.


This kind of mentality started seeping into WoW in Mists of Pandaria.

Every thread about servers was the same.

Area52, Illidan, Thrall for Horde. Stormrage, Sargeras, Kelthuzad for Alliance. Playing Horde on KT with this hunter was miserable.

We had perfectly balanced servers like Kiljaeden, Bleeding Hollow and Emerald Dream completely ruined.

Same is happening here. Every thread has people telling more to dogpile onto the dominant faction side. I envy the EU servers balance like Firemaw and Venoxis.


If you’re talking about the OP he has 0 posts and was could have even been directed here by customer support. These customers are given hope they will reach the development team. Instead, they get thrown to the forum wolves.


There is only one solution to dead servers - fewer servers.

Of course that means relying on mega servers which a subset of the population dislikes so…

There is no win-win situation.
Never has been.

And Blizz is reaping the rewards. They’re making a fortune off server transfers. You think the suits who make the real decisions regard this as a problem?


This has been a thing since 2006.
People really should have learned by now not to roll on risky servers unless they want to pay to xfer later.

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Or… how is this: Don’t pay for poor quality service.


Service is not why there is a server problem.
Server problem is 100% player made.

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Most people who came from Classic DID NOT roll on risky servers.

You talk about Retail a lot, did you play Classic?

Look here at the populations 7 months ago: WoW TBC Classic Server population (

Now explain exactly how rolling on Faerlina as an alliance was risky when the ally population was 56.1% and the server was larger than Benediction.

There are other examples too, I fully expect you to be insulting in your response since that’s how you seem to like doing it.


I wasn’t talking about the servers you are referencing. But sure. Keep bringing up irrelevant things in our conversations.

I never said it was.

But we knew 100% this shift would happen.
Same thing happen during OG TBC.

You know what the definition of insanity is?
Doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results.


Hahahaha. I love it.

I love how easily people accept the answers ‘higher ups’ give them.

They could have limited server to % balance. They could have limited it by a population count.

But they didn’t.

They won’t.

They thank you for your ignorance and complacence.


None of those are tangible solutions.

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I just realized something…

Did you really just link population numbers at the END of classic and asked me to compare it to the BEGINNING/MIDDLE of TBC?

Those numbers mean literally nothing.
Classic was effectively over 7 months ago.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Hey, Ruke! He linked population numbers to support his position with FACTS.
its a Fact that Benediction was, for a long time, a healthy server.
Until it wasn’t (cuz Blizzard sell a transfer service)

Imagine, just for a moment, if realm transfer service NEVER existed?


Benediction was always, and still is - a healthy server for alliance. It was the #1 pvp server for alliance.

Posting irrelevant numbers isn’t a fact that supports anything.

That’s not how numbers work.

You would need numbers from the beginning of classic when people were actually playing for it to be relevant.


Sure and you keep talking about what happened with Retail, and sometimes not even during TBC, but years later into Retail.

You said:

I linked the numbers from the Classic now TBCC servers we have today where it shows what player choice was right when TBCC launched. Why would there be anything wrong with showing where people would roll for TBCC? It’s completely relevant to your comment.

Plus that’s the way does it for all of the servers with sorting, you just can’t sort 6 months in for all servers (that I know of). Here’s a Faerlina chart though, Faerlina alliance was strong the whole time. Where any ally rolling there in Classic at any point would have been “smart”. Yes it’s a mega server now still but only for horde:
Faerlina WoW Classic population (

It’s bizarre how you just go on and on about Retail. I don’t think you played Classic and it’s not even clear if you play TBCC. All I see is your SoM 60. You just want to talk about this TBCC server stuff for some totally unknown reason.

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You’re just cherrypicking data.

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