There are 2 months until Shadowlands release, and there's been no real changes to Hunters yet?

Its fine, the other classes complained about how hard they had it despite hunter getting nothing at all compared to them.

I have been saying all we have to do is whine on reddit and twitter constantly to get any changes, it worked for the other classes that got any changes. SL is closer to 5 weeks from now if you count pre patch, since it usually comes out 1 month before actual release so its even more of a dire situation.

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Currently on the ptr the biggest thing that still broken for SV is tranq shot.

One of the more pressing and glaring issues is serpent sting and its duration being effected by haste which needs to change.

Aside from that alot of its mechanical issues would be addressed. On the side of taking it further, it would benefit from Mongoose bite and Wildfire infusion being baseline as well as having either Serpent spread come back or having butchery becoming baseline. If serpent spread comes back they can move latent poison from being a very weak and just sad legendary to being a talent that replaces hydra’s bite and if butchery was baseline they could add in Hellcarver as a talent.

They could even make Guerrilla tactics baseline and Add in Wilderness survival as a talent or just addin the cd reduction of wilderness survival as baseline.


Yep, that and Flayed Shot

  • Tranq Shot say it requires an axe, but is still unusable with either a 2h axe or 1h axe equipped.
  • Flayed Shot requires a ranged weapon or a polearm equipped. It is not usable with a staff, a 2h sword, a 2h axe, or any of the 1h weapons SV can equip. If used with one of these, the error message says that it requires a bow (and only a bow).

The beta class forums have been receiving much attention lately. It may be in there already but make sure this stuff goes there not just here.

They do not track this forum. A game dev from the beta class forum literally just submitted pages and pages of bugs to the team to fix all of which the players reported.

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Hmm interesting. A blue actually taking the time out of their day to look at Hunter feedback that’s been piling up for months?

While it’s a great to have a blue giving feedback all that they seem to be doing is bug fixes, and minor implementations (like Spirit Beasts lacking a family ability). This is not really what I’m referring to with this post. Likely, Hunters will get nothing except these fixes and minor additions before launch, and that’s just sickening. Guess I’m just going to be playing the same spec I’ve been playing since Legion (or maybe even WoD). Fun.


Ya, a blue that was completely unaware that Wild Spirits was horribly bugged, despite piles of feedback and bug reports, both on the forums and in-game.

Really gives a lot of confidence.


Actually you don’t know if they were unaware or if they just didn’t get to it yet. I just told you what was happening at the moment.

It amazes me that people think changes and fixes are instant for a game that’s not even remotely live yet.

But to OP’s point; highly doubt the changes you’re “referring” to are going to occur. Still time; I just highly doubt it.

Release date is rushed so I think they’ll be tuning up until the night before.

It amazes that you think this statement…

…has anything to do thinking it should be an instant fix.

What are you talking about? It’s less than 2 months from dropping.

What? This is the 4th longest stretch from the last patch of an xpac to when the xpac drops. And they didn’t even do a x.3.5 patch. Rushed it is not.


Let me quote you the exact response to the bug report:

Ya, that definitely seems like they knew all about it and just hadn’t gotten to it yet.

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Man some triggered folks. It is absolutely rushed considering 2 months away and still making so many changes.

Also just because a blue that doesn’t actually make any changes asked an additional question doesn’t mean the team that actually works on this stuff wasn’t aware of it.

Let’s use our heads a little. Lots of assumptions being made.

its amazing… everyone complains about pet AI… i have been playing a hunter since orginal beta. Pet AI is FANTASTIC now compared to what it used to be. If you cannot keep your pet on the target you want that is not a pet issue, that a L2P issue.

Right now both KC and barbed shot move the pet up to 50 yrds to get to the target. The only real issue is that stomp goes off before the pet gets to the target as often as it doesnt.


Mm and Bm are the main talking points in the beta forums. There’s very few if any mention of survival other then “hey we should do something about it” if blizz was only looking in beta forums I don’t expect any changes to survival at all

why pay attention to something no one actually plays in terms of progression??


Why bother pay attention to a spec that does great already?

U answered your own question, because people can’t use it for progress that’s why they need changes so it can.

progress is over now. There is less than 0 reason to pay attention to anything not dealing with 9.0. Corruptions are going away in 2-3 weeks, there will be 0 changes to them.

On top of that its a terrible corruption for hunters.

That’s because since Cata they have been giving us the middle finger.

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What makes the problem worse is that any time the devs could have collectively spent on core issues with the specs of all classes is being absolutely wasted on Covenants, legendaries, and whatever borrowed powers Ion has slapped up on a roll of toilet paper.

Time is a limited resource and the devs are squandering it. (Just make all the class abilities accessible regardless of covenant, and that’s one problem solved.)

In two years, that crap will all be tossed aside for the next borrowed power system, and we’re still going to have those issues coming into the next expansion. It’s classic procrastination via creating new problems for themselves: so long as Blizzard makes up a new problem with borrowed power, they don’t have to deal with developing specs.

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Who is triggered? Pointing out why I think you are wrong and giving a reason as to why I think you are wrong, is no where close to being triggered.

They’re going to be making changes all the way through 9.3.5, not any different than any other xpac. But again, it’s still 2 months to go with what is going to be the 4th longest stretch from the x.3 patch to the next xpac and they skipped the x.3.5 patch. Rushed is not one of the adjectives I would use to describe Shadowlands.

Says this after assuming that because someone said

it meant


a big flaw came from “artifact weapons” in legion. We no longer grow as “heros” we are using as you put “barrowed power” that means every x-pac a new system must be built instead of just expanding on what was there like they did pre legion. Honestly the game will never be as good as it was in TBC and Wrath as long as they keep dumbing down player choice. They removed talent trees because people were too damn dumb to choose things that worked together and instead of the DEVs just flat out saying “learn to play” they dumbed the game down to the point where even bad choices didnt gimp you. The game will remain that way until they give players back choice.

The reason everyone loved artifacts was because that was a new talent tree. Granted eventually you filled out the entire thing but you made choices as you played. Until real choice returns the game will remain a shell of what it could be. Even the soulbinds in SL are limited in how you can go down the trees.

SL was not rushed, it is half assed.