<Them Again> NA Horde - Kromcrush

NA Horde - Kromcrush

One shot 14/14 Semi-sweat lord guild Is looking for more active players to join our community. We are a very active community with knowledgeable, helpful and friendly leaders.

We focus on PvE content, but also have a very active PvP community. Humble brag- the top rated arena team on the server are players in , along with multiple High War Lords and PvP vets.

We currently clear all content with no wipes 14/14 phase 1.

Our main raid team is looking for a Shaman player of any spec (pref ench sweat lord) and a Holy pally/Ret pally if resto shaman is found. Currently clear Gruul and Mag on Wednesdays 7:30 EST.

Plans for phase 2 launch will be Gruul > Mag > SSC/TK on Tuesday & Wednesday 7:30 PM EST. Everyone is expected to use full consumes, gems, enchants, and know the fights.

We try our best to help provide mats for enchants on raid loot.

Once all boss’s are on farm we will provide parse night

Our next goal is to kill a world boss. There is not much competition on the server to fight for a kill, we need more active players to be able to assemble when they spawn.

We are also looking for members for our second 25 man raid team. Currently we need 1 tank (Druid/Warrior) and 4 healers. Along with a handful of dps.
Raid times are TBD Friday-Monday, but will be based on availability of the majority.

If you are interested in joining our growing community msg richgee#6559 on discord.