The worst feeling is logging in and wanting to play and realizing the game just isn't fun anymore


I just launched up WoW, stared at my character select screen, sighed, then logged off. Not for the first time either.

The worst thing about about the game state for me is that I want to play WoW. I really want to log on and have a good time like I used to, but nothing feels enjoyable. Nothing feels worth it. Nothing feels rewarding.

I can’t even do a very job at explaining it. I just don’t get any satisfaction out of anything in game right now.

IDK, kind of a bad feeling.


It sounds like you should take a break from WoW for awhile.


Bad for your eyes.


Just came back from a break unfortunately. I’m guessing it’s more like Blizz is taking the game in a direction that’s not compatible with me.


Simple solution; stop logging in.

Honestly, go play another game. I know you love this game as much as the rest of us, but take a break for a while. Maybe come back next expansion.


I know the feeling i played the beta and knew i wouldnt make it to far into BFA I got to Feb then unsubbed, back for classic.

Just take a break and play some other games you have wanted to try and havent. I got into Dark souls myself super series. Also really enjoy and still do is modded version of D2, Median.

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I had this issue begin creeping up on me lately OP. It was because I started thinking of playing an alt. Thinking of doing the World Quests and reputation grind again was killing my enthusiasm. I decided to scrap the alt (Autai here) and it helped me a bit. Recently started doing Epic Battlegrounds on my main to get myself back in the groove of PvPing & macro managing. Sometimes switching up the routine is all you need.

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You are not alone in this feeling. They have ripped the soul right out of our beloved game, and replaced it with a soulless modern day slot machine. I guess their idea of fun isn’t shared by the vast majority of the playerbase. I find myself considering what I will do with my time after I vote with my wallet. I certainly won’t be going to classic and rewarding them for destroying the original wow. I’m also pretty sure that they’ve found several ways to screw up classic.

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Sounds like you just need to take a break and try other things. Nothing wrong with that, after playing WoW for years things do start to get boring at times. Which his why I set side projects for myself and work upon them when I am not raiding or screwing around with friends.


Like I said earlier in the thread, I don’t think it’s me needing a break as I just came back from one. The state of the game is not something that’s compatible with me.


Upped my account to play stress test and save names for Classic. I have hopped on retail, queued for stuff then 20 seconds later say meh and log off, retsil is sbsolutely awful.

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Then you need to continue your break. They are not going to make any major changes to the game at this point in BFA. So if you find the current game isn’t for you, check back when they start to talk about the next expansion and see if that is more your thing.

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Give Classic a try?
Come join us in our hype train.

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Hey, maybe you need another break …for good! Whats the dilemma?


Mostly nostalgia. I grew up with this game, I just keep hoping it’s good and it never is. Feelsbad.


Dont play…


I’ll definitely give it a shot, but I’m probably not gonna enjoy it. I know what Classic is about, probably not my cup of tea.

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/shrug. You dont like it any more. I dont get the “feels bad”. It is what it is. You can look back fondly without the remorse. its a simple change of mindset.


OP, it happens. We’ve all been there and felt that. Just unsub for a bit until the feeling dies off.

Try FFXIV, an excellent contender MMORPG.

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I know people are going to be like, “hey, stop telling people to stop playing” but…
If you’re not feeling it so be it. The game will be here when ever you feel like returning. I’d rather people take a break for a few months or years and come back rearing to go and play. Than playing and being miserable the whole time, you shouldn’t have to force fun.

I’ve been playing since like 2006 and took a 6 to 8 month break during WoD. It didn’t kill me, I didn’t miss anything. There was just nothing I wanted to do so I left and came back for the new expansion. It was actually really refreshing coming back after a break. To each their own, I’m sure you will figure out what is best for you.