The worst Anti-RDF arguement

“it wasn’t there at the launch.”
“we didn’t get it until ICC.”

The game is launching on 3.3.5… the LAST patch of WOTLK. The idea of playing the game as it was at launch is already out the window. You have to not know this or be completely incompetent to say these things.


its launching at 3.3.5 for content balance, not system and phase release


The worst one, really, is “NO”

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The worst argument is always going to be the social argument. We all know it’s a load of BS, we saw how tbc went.


Can’t wait to go and kill the lich king in icc on September 26th!


By boosters

They’re not releasing ICC at launch.

Sure, it’s not the best argument, but yours is pretty flawed, too


This invalidates nothing. Thank you captain obvious.

troll mage…
couldn’t be more lost in your thought than the fact you are also guildless and a forum troll

content balance is def not the same as system implementation patch.
but you already knew that.
you are just being obtuse and trying to grasp at anything like the other pro rfd who plague the forum threads


THIS is the incompetence I spoke of.

You literally made the argument we’re getting 3.3.5 at the start lmao.

Just cuz your logic is bad doesn’t mean I’m incompetent, it means you should have thought it through better before posting


touch grass

Let’s be real here, the anti-RDF arguments are pretty cringe and just simply that. It’s not like they are being forced to use it when they actually have people to play with anyways. Unless those people were waiting for those features themselves.

But we know the real reason why blizzard isn’t using this feature, it’s to sell character boosts. Why let the players level multiple characters through a feature that makes grouping super easy with Heirloom gear since people bought boosts to skip the leveling process? I even bet they’ll remove the heirloom gear at this rate too just because of this.


Yes, I did. And it’s still going over your head.

keep malding and face the reality

you’re just another in the pile grasping for air

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unironically projecting much?

RDF came to retail before character boosts, and yet people still buy character boosts on retail.

Who wouldn’t use RDF if it comes out? Teleports, bonus lower tier badges, increased damage/healing/health to make it easier/faster, ignores heroic lockouts.


“Lol ur wrong u poopoo face haha my logic not bad I can’t defend it but it not bad u stoopid poopooface”

Yeah and? They let people buy a character boost in TBCC or did you forget about that.

Do I think the nay sayers will use RDF? Of course, because everyone else is using it. The rewards are mostly the reason people did it in the first place. It also made farming badges 100% easier. No one will admit any of that, and it’s why I also said their arguments are cringe.