The World of Warcraft Forums should use BattleTags as well

I can get it done if there’s a handhold in reach, above or below, but sometimes it’s SO badly broken that there are no handholds at all before halfway up the wall.

“Are You Kitten Me?!” is right!


You meant Garrosh Sailormoon.


Do it!


Thing is, that part of my post was aimed more at those that are claiming mis/disinformation yet posting no proof it is. I was also aiming at those that provide proof, as while the ones spreading the disinformation just double down, those that are still open to proof and such will more likely see that, yes, proof has been provided and some people are full of you know what.

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I know its directed towards the bots in Wrath classic but I dont know if it means anything for the forums.


wont affect the forums at all. As long as they have a level 55 toon in classic they can keep creating and deleting their lvl 55 dk.


It would be funny if most of them only had the dk for Wrath classic and that was it.

Just the thought of that being a possibility warms my heart .

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I love seeing that Blizzard is taking action against botters and announcing it, as well as changing game mechanics that will help make it harder for botters.

I keep hoping that extends to all areas of their platform, including making it harder for people to abuse the forums with alt hopping. Anything that helps is great.


This will go over as well as when they brought it up ages ago on the old forums, in that it won’t go over well and the majority will hate it.

Edit: I am wrong.

They didn’t bring up btags in the old forums that was Real id a totally different thing.

Also every single other Blizzard forum uses btags as forum ids for players.

Don’t believe me then go look up all the othe Blizz forums.
When you get to the page you will only see names but mouse over the names and it will show the btag at the bottom left of your screen like it shows character-server here on the wow forums


If talking about Btags for the forums, what the issue was the last time something like this was brought up is that was realID, which was based on email… Btags are not realID, they are more akin to Discord names or twitch IDs.

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Legit came back to take the L on this as I googled it. So I will take my L and move on, thank you for the clarification.


You are more willing to do so then others here.


Being wrong is a chance to learn more often then not so I don’t mind it and take polite correction gracefully as I can through the embarrassment lmao


I dunno, as Adilith said, can just delete and keep creating a new one on the server, if already got a level 55 toon within the server

Good for you :grinning:

THere have been a lot here that have been doubling down on disinformation on the subject even after being repeatedly shown actual Blizzard links on the subject .

It is kind of refreshing to see someone go I was wrong about it and own it .

I can rerspect a person like that.


It doesn’t mean anything for the forums.

Sounds like they’re dealing with more important issues than letting a small vocal crowd access to public btags.

Here to throw in my support on my classic DK.




BTags for the WoW Forums


Bring it on.