The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

I’m assuming until Retail is released.

They are likely holding back any invite waves until this fiasco calms down. Right now the priority is likely people who paid to get beta access.

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I might just wait until things just calm down. I keep getting disconnected from the loading screen, and most of the time, disconnected while in queue to log in.

Waiting will be the best thing for now.

I think this is part of the testing.

These servers must be using Microsoft Recall.

It’s hard to say, because long lists can take a long time to process. But I have seen people who are new-to-the-Beta gain access to that forum over the last hour.

YES. This is always a requirement of any change to your status or access or presence in the forums. Always log out and back in.


Usually a good bug report is:
I encountered < This bug > while doing < This activity >. If you can repeat the bug, note that it is repeatable. So for example:

I encountered a bug with Ingavr the Plunderer. If I use dragon rage during his phase transition, the boss stands around doing nothing. This is repeatable.

Avoid feelings and subjective stuff in reports. So like don’t report Ingvar is too hard unless he’s hitting you for 3 billion or some outrageous damage number. We had a world maggot doing that in Legion Beta for a while.


I think…i think…maybe…blue bar almost to the end…music has gone quiet…grr disconnected. Amost.

I got to see Thrall talking about the heart of azeroth for a sec that’s progress


Thank you!

Yeah may just need to wait until tomorrow for the servers to calm down lol.

Can’t create a character, can’t copy a character. So I get a nice look at the Warband camp but that’s about it.

I will say its kinda cute. I like the little Horde catapult and Alliance ballista in the background lol.

I was in. Decided redoing my setup would have been a pain so I tried to get back to character screen to copy. Don’t do that.

im about to give up for the day

sever shutdown…damn. also, actually got in on my earthen and trying to go to khaz…and DC. hopefully my talents were saved lol

I have the same loading screen. Elf on the bottom. Progression gets to her arm bangle and get disconnected from server. Though people said they only get non-allied races to make characters. I made a void elf…wonder if that’s the issue.

Another thing you’ll run into during betas. You will often see a cutscene with a red x on it, saying NYI. Or you may turn in a quest and see a launch trailer. Those are placeholders that Blizzard is aware of and likely holding back on to reduce spoilers.

Your primary focus is weird combat, talents not doing what is advertised, nodes in inaccessible places and the like. Any narrative stuff they have tested and likely are aware of issues with.


Or just read the topics in the beta section that they want you to specifically test.

wish it wouldn’t kick people out to the login server every time.

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Strange, for whatever reason it only let me make the basic races yet I got all the allied races?

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You have to copy account data. Beta is not your account. It is effectively a new wow account. Without copying account data you do not have access to allied races.