The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

Only the OG races are available :sob:

wait… does it carry over the tinkers and prismatics?

Oops… I migth’ve made a character on These go to 11… and can’t copy?

That’s what I want to try.
Still facing the loading screen boss.

Clicked realm, immediatly D/C and put back into 600 person queue lmao

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Beta should be live now. With everyone trying to get in at once, you’ll likely hit some queues, but we’re keeping an eye on things in the meantime.


Please tell me you aren’t actually posting your own videos for views in the War Within Beta Test Thread…

Is the Eleven server real?

Not just queues, No Earthen to select, and Every race is greyed out saying War Within is required.

Good luck all, I keep getting through a 500 person queue, disconnected, reconnect and go through 500 person queue again. /sigh

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Thanks so much for all your hard work =]

“Live” is certainly a generous way of describing my experience right now

Hey Nethaera,

For posting in the Beta section of the forum, when should we expect that access?

Do we need to log out and back in to the forums?

Seems like character copy isn’t working


Can you confirm if character copy is working or not?


Got in and tried to copy character and it took a big dump

The only realm I see under the Beta tab is the max-level realm.

I couldn’t even get it to load my existing characters from live.

Still can’t create a character, Keeps saying I need war withinl.

now we stuck on the character list

one baby step at a time…