The War Within Beta Test Now Live!

Weirdest thing. I keep trying to log in and the error is Error 37. Then sometimes it’s Error 3007. Sometimes it’s error 315300…


Click! Click! Click!

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Microsoft maybe ‘hands off,’ for now…

…but I am sure they are watching everything such as how this is being handled.

ummmm Except there’s no servers up!

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I’m helping.

Hopefully not much longer.


Thank you!

What version is the client supposed to be?

Thank you Nethaera! We will keep testing the Logon Queue in the mean time.

Click! Keep Clicking!


There’s a name I haven’t seen in ages. Not since my first account.

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Holy cow Nethaera?! Have I been gone this long?!


thought you quit like 10 years ago wtf

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I know right!

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Thanks for the update! :heart:


imagine logging on just to cry about what blizzard typed aka synful

And which account are we supposed to choose when the servers are up? My main account, the one with the TWW Epic Edition on it, doesn’t even show as an option. I just see WoW1 (an inactive account) and WoW9 (a PTR account).

Wooooooooo BETA for Padgarre!

I like the intro music so far. If that is good feedback.

I will stand by the heroic talents are not very heroic still.

I have my reasons from playing this game since bc

Can’t wait :face_with_peeking_eye::smiling_face: