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The Veil 11/12M (12/12H) is a CE focused raiding guild on Stormrage-US. We drive an efficient 2-day (6-hour) weekly raiding schedule while maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. You will find that our guild is highly active and composed of working adults, college students, parents (even a Grand-Pa) and players from all walks of life. Some basics before you read the specifics of our guild (this should tell you if the Veil is going to be the right home for you):

(1) Regard for Our Players, Guild and Server – Respect is a MUST. Toxicity, drama and poor attitudes are not welcome in The Veil – should you exhibit these behaviors, you will promptly be shown the door.

(2) Seriously Serious – ok, not really, but here’s the deal: The Veil raids 2 nights a week. As such, our efficiency and efficacy must be on point for 6 hours. The expectation is near 100% attendance/availability for our raid schedule (seriously, it’s only 6 hours).

(3) Know Thyself – if you are preparing to raid Mythic (or already have), the expectation is that you know your class, have taken the time to optimize gear, keep up with current class changes and have mastered your rotation.

(4) Raid Flexibility – The Veil maintains a bench and our Raid Leads will put together the best composition based on available players, the encounter and historical performance. If you are squeamish about “getting sat” or interpret getting replaced for an encounter as a personal attack on your performance, then this isn’t the right guild for you.

(5) The Boy Scouts without the Lawsuits – Be prepared! Food, flasks, runes, tokens, etc. all go without saying (these are the basics). Comprehension of add-ons, knowledge of boss encounters (videos, encounter guides, community information) and a contribution of ideas to the team is the next-level stuff we are looking for. We do not quarterback encounters; everyone is expected to know their role.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (EST/server time)

Thursday: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm (EST/server time)

** There are typically farm content runs on the weekends, but as we prepare to close out this expansion, there is less of a demand for it. Shadowlands will reinvigorate this activity undoubtedly.

There are Mythic+ runs happening just about everyday of the week. Some of our teams push high level keys (20+), some rocking the 16s-18s, while others ensure their 15 is completed for each week. Additionally, we always seem to have folks pushing arena scores, pvp’ing to the wee hours of the morning or just exploring old content and looking for that new MOG or pet to “sport” around.

Current Needs:

Ranged DPS – Low Demand

Heals – Healer / H Paly HIGH Demand

Tanks – Medium Demand – tanks capable of flexing off-specs only

Melee DPS – High Demand for Warrior

**Exceptional players of any class should always feel free to apply. Our roster is somewhat flexible so we will never turn away a great player.


Communication is Paramount – Discord and a working mic is a requirement (non-negotiable).

Be Respectful of Others Time – Be punctual, reliable and competent.

Raiding is What We Do – Maintain a positive attitude towards raiding. Our goal is to have a good time while we raid, but a 6-hour schedule demands that we use our time efficiently; be ready to do so.

Learning is Fundamental – take constructive criticism and be able to apply it. We’re all human, mistakes are going to happen and are expected in raid progression. Learn and grow as a team.

Is that a Flask in Your Pocket, or You Happy to See Me? – Raiders are expected to have all high-end consumables for raiding.

Have Fun – never forget this is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Also remember, it is always more fun when you win and to do that, refer to the expectations mentioned above.

The Trial:

Our trial period is 3-4 weeks (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) during which we will consider several factors:

  1. Performance – DPS/Healing/Threat output; simple metrics delivered against the current content
  2. Situational Awareness – that fire is not a buff and mechanics are greater than damage delivered. If you are rivaling the tanks damage taken, there could be a problem – know your surroundings and your role in the raid.
  3. Guild Mesh, Attitude & Attendance – team dynamics account for 90% of our accomplishments. Are you the right fit for us and us for you? Your attitude towards raiding and the guild will be measured and most importantly your reliability in raids.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to continuing our adventures with YOU!

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