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On the topic of High Elven Druids, I’d like to imagine they have a difficult time Shapeshifting as a result of vanity, and as a result they tend to excel at the Restoration skills of Druids. I’d love to see a High Elven Druid as a character who is an extraordinarily gifted Healer, and who largely acts as the bridge between Night Elves and High Elves.

Could be they also do well with the Balance spec and we’d see some who use the Astral Glyph rather than Moonkin Form.

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So you’re telling me if Blizzard adds a questline to have us go request aid from the Silver Covenant in 8.2 and they come and help us a bit, then announces High Elves as an allied race in 8.3 you’ll be fine with it then?

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If they had the Silver Covenant or Vareesa leading the high elves in an arc for BfA, then did the similar length recruitment questline like the DIs.

Yes I would. As I said, my bar is set very low.

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It isn’t a excuse, it’s a fact. The High Elves just like the Ma’ghar and the Dark Irons are already a established race in the game, people already know who they are, people are already familiar with them, they already had most of their story fulfilled, they don’t need to prove their value and loyalty to the Alliance anymore because they already did.
Blizzard is not showcasing them in the War Campaign because they don’t need too, they are a NPC race and they already had a strong introduction over WoW’s history and the last chapter of it was Legion, but they throw all that away in favor of a dubious decision. High Elves were the original intended Allied Race to pair with the Nightborne, everything regarding them in Legion lead up to that. Now that they chose the Void Elves instead and they lacked introduction as they were a last moment decision, Blizzard is covering that by showcasing them in BfA more than any other Allied Race, they are trying to familiarize the players with them, because doing Legion content didn’t do that.

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It’s an excuse and a pitfall one for that


And you wonder why some folks consider people to be trolls when responses like this are given to a discussion point, rather than any tangible discussion being made? High Elven Druids from the WC2 Manual are quite clearly not a thing, or at least not a thing by modern WoW, which is why Blood Elf Druids do not exist. If you’d followed the conversation rather than looking for a point to leap on without context, you’d have understood the conversation point is in reference to the Quel’Danil High Elves having learned Druidism from the Wildhammers or Night Elves.

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Nice reply, i liked your points and arguments.

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Which was before Night Elves existed. The main accomplishment of the druids was retconned to be the accomplishment of mages.

The only other time we see a high elf druid, is the boss in Botanica who was told by Blizzard to use arcane more than druid magic.


You’re still not reading the entire conversation. You cannot fault people for considering you or others who do this to be Trolls.

That wasn’t a High Elf, that was a Blood Elf.

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Because I literally brought up the retcon to Pontiface when he was interested in it.

It’s a dead topic unless they provide new writing.

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Thalassian elf. You get my point.

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Okay Granted that’s true, but still it’s something that can be worked on.

One of the Alliance Quests, have you summon rifts to make not just mages but riftblades, ghostblades, and umbral rangers pop out to kill goblins during umbrics story.

To this I would have agreed also in 8.0, but the quest’s before the battle of
dazar’alor says otherwise, with the void elves having a big enough population to support a void elf battalion joining in on the Alliance Armies Attack on Nazmir, their numbers matched the dark irons. They were most likely the recurits we see coming from the rift, we also see some void elf “grunts” in Vol’dun I think.

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Then I think we’re done arguing. While I don’t agree that it should be required, I wouldn’t mind it as a leadup. I’m not trying to “rush” the process. I just don’t want High Elves held up due to arbitrary BS.

As I mentioned earlier I don’t anticipate seeing High Elves at all till pre-order for next xpac at the earliest. I’d be happy to have them in BfA but I just don’t see Blizzard adding them when they hadn’t planned on doing so since they thought Void Elves would assuage those hoping for Alliance High Elves. Blizzard will need time to get High Elves ready for allied race status.


And as I said, if you’d looked at the discussion being had, new writing was suggested as the basis for this discussion point. You didn’t read the conversation, you looked for points to leap on and shoot down.

This is a common behavior with Internet Trolls.

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Can you read our replies before jumping into conclusions?

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No I didnt. I saw “high elf druid” in your first sentence, and shut you down.


Indeed, you didn’t read the discussion, or keep up with the earlier post I had made, pointing out how the Quel’Danil High Elves of the Hinterlands have given up the practice of arcane magic and are uniquely placed to bring two classes to High Elves; Shaman and Druid.

Behavior worthy of a Troll.

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that wasn’t a battalion. That was a platoon at most and even then it was half and half dark irons and void elves.

and your point about the riftblades, ghostblades, and umbral rangers does not dismiss my point that just like for literally every single other playable race having NPCs to represent their playable classes/troop units.

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His different standard seems like “I don’t like them”