The Unofficial High Elf Discussion Megathread

(Alamara) #5995

Lor’themar is still Regent Lord supported exclusively by three military branches (Farstriders, Blood Knights, Magisters) without any democratic form of council to counter his power. This same regimen was known for practicing censure and exile of dissenting voices.

That’s fascism in a nutshell.

(Bourbonboxer) #5996

Clearly the night elven participation in the Alliance is oppressive on behalf of leadership and not representative of the people.

Look what happened: Alliance abandoned them, home got burnt to the ground, their leaders have to undergo unstable rituals for power for survival.

Those Forsaken night elves must be the right idea

(Bourbonboxer) #5997

They were a monarchy.

(Alamara) #5998

They were a monarchy with a parliament before the Scourge. The parliament is no more, the power fell into the hands of Lor’themar while the last prince was away. The prince is dead (and, if we were to delve into details, Lor’themar betrayed him, even if for the greater good).

Lor’themar is no king. There’s no more parliament. This is essentally a military totalitarist regimen now.

(Drede) #5999

After the prince was killed the Arcane Constructs started saying Lor’themar propaganda instead of Kael’thas propaganda.

I believe they also changed the dialogue of the two who are mind controlled to be against Lor’themar and mention the princes betrayal.

Then we have the exile of the Void Elves showing they are still sending people to their deaths in Ghostlands.

So it’s safe to say that nothing has changed.

(Alamara) #6000

Cross your fingers!

I’d say a lot of pressure that was causing conflict within Quel’thalas has gone, so dissenting voices are less common now and everything feels more “normal”. But the regimen itself is still totalitarist, and, should new social pressures arise, it will be forced again to keep everything under control.

(Bourbonboxer) #6001

That’s typical of an interregnum government, because the other alternative is chaos and collapse.

So are you advocating the collapse of Silvermoon government and consistent infighting for some party to take control?

(Alamara) #6002

That’s been a loooong interregnum.
I wonder when Lor’themar will define the new power structure for the nation and surrender his position.

(Bourbonboxer) #6003

Not really, there have been historical interregnums that last long.

(Alamara) #6004

Doesn’t change the fact that Lor’themar is a dictator in the interim.

(Bourbonboxer) #6005

Would you rather have constant civil wars and fighting?

(Lydon) #6006

It was a Ctrl+ F find and replace Kael for Lor’themar. It was lazy and barely an update and also back in Cata era.

I don’t see exiling Blood Elves who were delving into clearly dangerous Void stuff clearly threatening to the Sunwell as any sort of evidence they are totalitarian. They are simply removing threats to their homeland. Especially after losing the Sunwell once already, it’s not surprising.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we don’t see any kind of spill over of a “totalitarian regime” into any of the more current day quests or events, especially MoP to now, involving Blood Elves. Our most recent major move was liberating Suramar and inviting them to Silvermoon, and eventually to the greater Horde.

You’re all free to blow hot air about how villianous you think the Blood Elves still are. Doesn’t make it any form of true.

(Alamara) #6007

I’m stating the obvious, undeniable truth. If that bothers you, feel free to justify it however you want, but it is what it is.

It’s not like we ever got any insight into the day-to-day of Quel’thalas ever since. All we have seen since then are military efforts. But the regimen is what it is. It holds absolute power and there’s nothing to keep it in check.

(Bourbonboxer) #6008

Why are you justifying civil war and more killings?

You do realize that’s the legacy of interregnum periods right?

(Alamara) #6009

History is written by the victor.

The blood spilled of those slain is either villified or swept under the rug. Generations that live after may be thankful for the results of the slaughter, but it’s no confort for those who suffered it.

(Bourbonboxer) #6010

So you would rather have chaos than stable government? Interesting.

(Alamara) #6011

I’d rather not have power in the hands of a single person or group to do as they please and then write history as they see fit.

(Bourbonboxer) #6012

You mean like any single person or group run government?

(Alamara) #6013

If you believe that, then you know nothing about government systems.

(Bourbonboxer) #6014

And who are you to judge? You’re just like me: a person online in a thread dedicated to a fictional race arguing about fictional politics.

Neither of us have a platform to stand on top of.

But hey “red elf bad” will always be touted until there is actually development to those zones which were untouched since TBC