The Unofficial High Elf Discussion Megathread

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Don’t worry about that, we are very aware that playable races always comes in pairs, one for each faction to maintain balance, except the Pandarem because both factions can play them so there’s no inequality as they are the only Neutral race in the game.
By the way, in the Horde side people are asking for Vulpera, San’layn and Ogres, any of those could be paired with High Elves.


Either another Thalassian Elf - most likely San’layn

Or a Warcraft Horde race - Forest Trolls (Revantusk) or Ogres.

Or maybe Lightforged Blood Elves to be the Horde’s first lore-lacking Allied race!


Since the release of the warcraft book Before The Storm I think it was (I never read it). I was thinking for sure that light-risen forsaken would become an alliance allied race with calia menethil leading… But that’s a bit off topic from the high elf megathread

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Some people hinted that, but the overwhelming majority reject the idea completely, it pretty much undermines the Undead fantasy of Warcraft


From the looks of it that’d piss off more people on both factions than make them happy.

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I was expecting something like that until the latest Q&A, when Ion and Lore said that they had finished all the preplanned allied races and were now working based on player feedback.

My original predictions for next allied races were junker gnomes, “redeemed” undead, vulpera and ogres. If you wanna know my reasons, this post explains it better:

After the Q&A, I say the chances for sethrak and san’layn to be among the next allied races have increased.


Agreed. And I think in Lore, seeing a forsaken for most people is kind of sickening. I’m thinking a lot of members of the horde have more or less just gotten used to it. But I can’t imagine baine being all totally cool about the forsaken haha let alone the alliance being cool with forsaken walking around stormwind


The Forsaken have always been a thorn on the Horde’s identity… alongside Blood Elves and Goblins. So half the Horde.


I feel like blood elves aren’t as much of a thorn as forsaken or goblin but there’s definitely that affiliation aspect.


Elenedhel has inspired me to Roleplay a Blood Elf that vomits whenever he sees a forsaken. Just real squeamish.

Not Callistus, he’s a boss in the Cadaver lab.

I wonder how bad Forsaken smell? Anybody ever been in a cadaver lab?


I find Elenedhel a hoot whenever I see him. I have a hard time not upvoting his posts. XD


Yeah. He’s a good guy.

He wasn’t a fan of me when I first showed up. I jumped onto the forums when the other thread was at like… 2,000 posts or something and thought, “This Is a lot of trolls to argue with.”

I had to do a lot of reputation rehab after that. haha.

Felt real good cleaning that place out. Fun diversion from studying.

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If i could play a High Elf i would roleplay a Ranger that vomits whenever she smells a Blood Elf full of perfume.

“Staying clean and fresh it’s important but those Sin’dorei… uhhgh they don’t know when to stop!”

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The Anti-High Elf people don’t seem to realize that their vocal protests against High Elves being playable as the should be for the Alliance only brings more attention and support to finally add High Elves where they should have been all along.


High Elven Rangers are so sick.

Farstriders are fine. They’re in like, a weird precarious place. They don’t really fit in with the Blood Elves I feel like. We’ve talked about this before. Before any of the other side panics, I’m not saying they should switch sides or anything. I’m not trying to deal with more Blood Elves. Or saying they should disappear.

I think the thing is that when they made the Blood Elves in Warcraft 3 then it was a lot of mages and Shield breakers… and then they added the Blood Knights.

Not that the Blood Elves didn’t have archers.

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Goblins fit the Horde very well, they are a classic Horde race just like ogres or trolls. The problem with them is that Thrall for some reason kept Galliwyx as their leader. Most goblins aren’t as bad as him.


Haha. slaps dirt on herself.

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Since there is a lot of responses to you that did a good job of explaining I will clarify/point out some things.

The 1% may only refer to the Survivors of the Kingdom that did not become Blood Elves and may not refer to populations that lived outside of Quel’thalas. We prefer to air on the side of caution so we just work with the assumption that it is indeed 1%.

Blood Elves are not 9% but roughly 5-7.5% with most estimates to do losing some to Kael’thas becoming wretched. (WoW doesn’t do hard numbers)

Even if they are 1% that number has been made potentially bigger with the Allierian Expedition being alive and BC and Chronicles stating that most where evacuated from Dalaran before its destruction. (Dalaran was the largest population of High Elves outside Quel’Thalas)

Bearing the above information there are several playable populations that are as small or smaller than the High Elf population.

Including -

  • Draenei said to number in the few hundred at most by Velen in Rise of the Horde.
  • Darkspear Trolls almost wiped out by Murlocs before Thrall saved them. Then almost being wiped out by Daelin Proudmoore. Before having a Civil War. All before becoming playable. (They are even stated to be almost extinct in their racial description.)
  • 1ship of Goblins and one tribe of Tauren. (They appear to got more members though)
  • Lightforged Draenei only coming from 1 ship that got destroyed by the Legion.
  • The Students of One School on the Back of a Giant Turtle becoming the playable population of Pandaren for Both Factions.
  • One Bumrush of Mag’har to the Portal from AU Draenor.
  • “An Elite Crack Squad” of Void Elves. Consisting of one Magester and his followers.

Also I would like to point out that they don’t have to all be “Pure Blood” High Elves. They can add Half Elf options to the character creation screen as a way to differentiate them from Blood Elves.

Hope this clears things up.

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Actually, it’s ideal for a hunter, and to a Ranger by extent, to smell like nothing, you cant have your target, being your food or not, to be able to detect you through your smell.

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I found another named high elf in BfA: Apprentice Karyn, a random quest objective in Island Expeditions.