The Underground Festival 10/24!

The Underground Festival will be returning this month with a twist of the Halloween theme.

The usual sparring will be present, with the addition of an auction sporting unique items that could become event starters, and a costume contest with gold prizes!

We always offer these as neutral, but we are looking for a Horde guild to coordinate with consistently to provide a more organized inclusivity for Horde folks! If any Horde GM’s or officers are interested, feel free to contact me on Discord - Evelynn#4468

Event Information

Time: 8pm server time
Date: Saturday October 24
Location: ICly it will be an unimportant abandoned village for spook factor, but the proxy will be in Gilneas city in Greymane Court, focused around a couple of open buildings and the catacombs!

Warmode OFF

We are also keeping an eye open for folks that might be interested in signing up to be peacekeepers!

Discord server –


I support this Awoo in all of her endevours. Should show up, gonna be a fun time!

/grabs lawn chair and wanders to event.

Now to show up on my Warlock or Shadowcaster~



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Hey folks! Just popping in to say we are genuinely trying to plan a bit in advance. I know we get alot of impromptu appearances, but it makes it difficult to plan in advance. Even if you join the discord to simply drop the mention of running a stand into the vendor channel it helps!

We had an area we had hoped to set up larger vendors in specific areas, so the communication would really help.

The rest of you folks, see you there!

Bump for a fun sounding event!

This sounds rather neat.

We did have the concept of having at least four primary vendors featured (preferably from four different guilds) and thus far only one guild has confirmed they’ll be present. Given the event is this Saturday, I wanted to drop a line. We get a lot of impromptu arrivals and small peddlers that set up at random, but it would be greatly appreciated if folks would reach out to plan.

Thus far, we do not have a primary coordinator to work with us for Hordeside.

Anyone looking to add to the entertainment, feel free to pop in the Discord!

Event is tomorrow on Saturday!

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Additional information on vendor locations, mapping of the event and the breakdown of scheduling will be available in the Discord server today. The link was in the original post!

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