The Tuning of Covenant Abilities is Underway

In today’s updated build of the Shadowlands Beta, testers will see a snapshot of the the process of tuning several Shadowlands systems, which is underway. We’re in the midst of recalibrating the throughput of several Covenant abilities, and while in some cases the magnitude of the change may feel large, it’s necessary to bring outlier abilities in-line with our targets, so that players can make more accurate comparisons between abilities.

Thank you for all of your help as we iterate on these abilities based on your feedback.


Is there any way that you can elaborate on that?
Are we getting big nerfs to the top abilities? big buffs to the bottom ones? complete re-imagining of any? all of the above?


Well for example 3 of warlock abilities had the damage or bonus of their abilities halved or greater. Except the 1 ability that’s so bad nobody will ever take it, that’s the only one that wasn’t touched.


Holds Convoke close to chest

Please don’t hurt her. I love her.


I like that Faeline Stomp got a healing component so it’s now more than just damage (+adding breath of fire, which is largely useless since we’re applying that anyway as part of our rotation).

Can we PLEASE get some functionality for Fallen Order along the same lines? I really want to play Venthyr, but Fallen Order offers nothing for a Brewmaster except a little bit of damage. The Crane clones heal for absolutely trivial amounts of damage and the Ox clones do nothing but (again!) apply Breath of Fire, which isn’t useful.

Please add a tanking component to the Venthyr Monk ability, just as the other 3 covenants now have.

I suggest having the Ox clones taunt (like Druid Treants) or having staggered damage go to the Ox clones (like the Niuzao pet). (To be clear, I mean for Brewmasters only.)


Would love to test em out. Still no Beta Access. LLHandJs#1145

Good. Nerf blood monks or redesign it. Monks already have too many pets with earth wind and fire clones. Do they really need 6 blood monks on top of that too?

I don’t even understand that class anymore the design has deteriorated so far from the original mop version.

What was wrong with just having a high mobility high damage leather class, with hard hitting kung fu moves? These days most of a monks damage is from Xuen and blood monks, and the 10 pets running around.

When I fight a monk I can’t even tell whats going on theres so much stuff on the screen.


You literally gutted the only good Covenant ability Survival hunter had for all round use. With Death Chakram nerfed by 50% of its AP… there is no covenant ability to pick which is good.


claws out eyes

Just delay the dang game already. Took a few seconds on mobile to scroll the tuning list. No way this is going to be ready for launch, with such large changes.


This is so cringe. Might as well have said, “We made some changes. Can you guess what they are?”
Can we get an actual list of changes instead of a generic statement that changes have been made?
The community has been giving some amazing feedback. Is it too much to ask to receive the same quality in return?


Look at the list on wowhead. Like alot of stuff, but no way you can see if everything is needed since they are just batching everything at once.

  1. Changelist?

  2. It’s waaaaay too late to be trying to balance these abilities when they weren’t even re-designed properly to have utility to all relevant specs in Alpha.


so errr you decided to go with the nerf everything to 1 so we dont have to balance them cause they have no impact? I mean thats kinda the feeling here… instead of buffing weaker things you just smashed everything else down. just very confused right now.



  • Death Chakram nerfed from 50% AP to 25% AP.
  • Wild Spirits nerfed from 45% AP to 35% AP.

Haven’t tested yet, but this likely makes Flayed Shot the clear winner for ST (especially for MM, maybe not for BM), and Resonating Arrow the clear winner for AOE.

Really puzzled by this change, Wild Spirits was already underperforming. Death Chakrams probably could have come down a bit, but bringing Flayed Shot up would have been better IMO.

While tuning is all well and good some of the abilities still feel poor to use just based on design. Venthyr for paladin feels awful in almost every scenario except for a single target raid boss. This is ironic considering it is a massive aoe. The damage increase to HoW feels great but finding a use for a 4 minute cd outside a raid boss feels terrible when it is ground targeted and left behind with such a long duration. It feels incredibly bad compared to say divine toll or vanquisher’s hammer even if the tuning is fine. A 2 minute cd with a 20 sec or 15 second duration would be a place to start, it would still be the longest cd of all paladin covenants like this.


Get ready for more of this poo show.

I sincerely hope theres going to be a LOOOOOOOT more. So far this week for DKs…not close enough.


revert the nerf to serrated bone spike and increase the energy cost to 30-50 instead of the current 10. Please.


So instead of buffing the underlying abilities, or redesigning some of the ones people did not want to take at all, you just nerf all the top abilitys?

Little confused here. these nerfs are huge, and gutting some of the abilitys.

Things need to change before you can tune some abilitys too, for example, serrated bone spike, that you’ve now nerfed to be almost unplayable, one of its biggest strengths was that the spike stays forever. that shoulden’t be a thing.

Give it a duration, increase its energy cost a bit, presto, better change.

ALSO how can you tune Flagellation if the on use part of the ability is currently broken ?


You better rollback the changes on Impending Catastrophe. Those nerfs were totally unwarranted and now you’ve just destroyed a perfectly fine skill. Nerfing everything so Soul Rot might look “competitive” was not the right move to do. Plus, Soul Rot is actually still trash sooooo…