The Truth About Loot Goblins

Hi all, I’m Jüicer former GM, RL, and MT of Loot Goblins. Recently LG underwent some issues that has now resulted in myself leaving. Here is the bottom line and what follows is most of the message I left with them. Most of the general members are good folks so if any of them make their way to your guild, please accept them with open arms.

Roughneck and I have been doing everything we can to save the guild after some drama caused by former members in a raid from about week ago. Here is the reality of the situation. We were continually bombarded with messages that more or less equated to the guild was going to break apart unless we, or at least I, stepped down. Through this entire process, we more or less had been pooped on continually by the very people we attempted to help. Rough, myself, Aristotle, and Gov formed LG a year ago (09/09/2019) from the ashes of a leveling guild called Twisted Legion and now Rough and I are more or less proverbially spit on and/or ignored. Officers like Holi/Mechanical blocked me and Aristotle wont even message me unless it is to demand me tank because he felt I owed him something. Here’s the conspiracy deal… I’m pretty sure Aristotle thought he could do this better than I could and of Hearty was the loudest one saying “people” are going to quit. This despite the fact that raids had been absolutely awful, with zero leadership, and with many of the members directly asked me when I would be stepping back up. Keep in mind it was always “people” and never giving any names in the private mod chat. The proposal for me to step back into the raid leader and MT position was going to be sent this week, however, some of the leads have been continuing the whole “people” will quit.

I had always done what was right for that guild and always tried to do what was best for all of you which clearly now includes posting this message and leaving. I will be posting this message to the server forums, DD discord, and DD reddit. While Govenador has been the one true friend and phenomenal leader for continually trying to patch things up, let me assure all of you, LG’s LEADERSHIP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ITS MEMBERS AND ARE ONLY IN THIS FOR SELFISH REASONS. I’m sorry it has come to this but the LG people joined and fell in love with is now dead.

Wait a minute - u mean a guild called ‘Loot Goblins’ has leadership that is selfish and I’m guessing loot drama issues. Wow - that’s like going to Burger King and getting a burger… hehe. J/k but I sense more to the story, let’s get an interesting read going anyone in know that can weigh in!

Jüicer I take no pleasure in reading this. I hope things go well for you (and your former guild) in the future.

Well well…

BUMP! :popcorn: :beer:

All the juicer…i mean juicy details are on reddit.