The Truth About Layering

speak for yourself.

anybody with common sense and who played at expansion launch realize layering/sharding/wathever variation you want is required.

Anybody with common sense who played vanilla know that layering/sharding/whatever crap they want to call it is detrimental to the Classic game experience (even for a limited amount of time).

Seriously, all I can think of those who defend these horrible systems either:

  1. Don’t know any better and never experienced the old world before.
  2. They are retail trolls.
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holds hands up and approaches slowly.

I don’t remember reading or hearing that.

sure, because we don’t have a documented history ( every expension launch) of starting zone being unplayable due to overcrowdness…

I guess your Pserver have never been popular enough to experience it.

Interesting advice… hey, can you point me to the large scale MMOs you’ve built and currently manage? I only ask to see those so I can check your bonafides in terms of game development over large scale, heavily populated, game server management. See, when you make statements like your original one, where you claim to know what it takes to manage a persistent game world across multiple servers, it is beneficial to anyone who wants to take you seriously to verify you actually know something about the topic.

Guess what? Layering (sharding 2.0) is not the only solution to those problems.

Like they mentioned above, static layers/subrealms are a better approach.

guess what? I’m gonna go ahead and assume blizz dev know more about their 15-years old architecture than you do and that’s why they choose layering… probably have a lot of overlap with the current sharding technology they have, reducing dev cost (which is a good thing for a project that’ll loose 80% of it’s playerbase after 3 month, as they predict).

I knew it, you are but a retail troll.

As a Canadian I fully support layering, specifically for January and February. It’s pretty much a necessity.

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It was the forums that proposed it, not Blizzard, and it was around a year ago.

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can I dismiss anything you say because you’re a blind fanatical classic zealot then?

On the retail forums, sure!

oh, so the truth depend on which echo chamber we’re currently in.

how convenient.

Not at all. It was partially a joke but since you are taking it seriously I will clarify. If you have retail as your main interest and think retail is great then I trust you when you speak about retail, but not as much about classic. If you have classic as your main interest and you think classic is great then I trust you when you speak about classic, but not as much about retail.

I don’t see how this can even be argued. Regardless Classic zealots shouldn’t be on the retail forums talking about how retail is bad and retail trolls shouldn’t be on here talking about how classic will be bad.

For the record, I am fine with layering. Also could you share a link for Blizz believing 80% of the population will quit? I am not saying you are incorrect I just haven’t seen where this came from and would like to read up on it.

Sharding only the starting zones was previously suggested…

That’s not a better idea, and layering was created as (at least in theory) an improvement over sharding which the tech already existed for. People don’t like sharding because people fade in and out of view. You can be surrounded by players and then for no detectable reason you are suddenly alone. You could walk towards a node of copper only to see it disappear when you get close enough to mine it.

You can argue that they should use sharding instead of layering, but you can’t objectively say that it is a better solution. I think it is a vastly inferior solution personally.

Layering is a great idea. I want it as it is the best solution to multiple major problems. There your thread is dead.

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OR, they’ve played on high population servers during release and can already see why not having a system like sharding is an awful idea. And it’s not detrimiental to your “classic experience” because there is no humanly way possible to memorize every single player you come across and remember if you see them again. If you just play the game, you’re most likely not even going to notice layering exists, which is why Blizzard should have just stayed quiet on the topic.

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No, layering has been proven to be a terrible system. It is a twisted, dark, gluttonous and disgusting evil which must not make it to Classic WoW

Here is an example, you can use either launch population or AQ40 gate opening.
Let me break this down. I will start this with I design data centers for major corporations and have deep understanding of how these should be designed( I have CCIE DC, multiple VMware and storage manufacturer certs). The crashes were caused by the high volume of players in one continent. Remember back in Vanilla each continent was it’s own server and the raids were located 1000’s of yards above Kalimdor in most cases. So this cause crashed and lag on client side since it was trying to display animations and details from 1000+ players at one time. Thus crashing clients and the server that was trying to run a one time event. Yes the realms ran fine when this same population was spread over 2 servers(each continent) and in different zones. That is the key to these issues. As for login queues, I knew multiple people that sat for 4 hours during the Shattered Hand opening event in a queue and missed 90% of the event, this is not enjoyable for anyone and is easily avoided by using modern technology called container programming. Container programming you say, I will give you the for dummies version. A container is a separate virtual machine that can be created and removed through automation requiring no intervention at all(this was not around 15 years ago and is what sharding and layering is based off of). So when you log on to a layer you are on a completely different layer than another player, thus increasing the resources for the server and in essence decreasing the overall load on one layers container. Since a character is only a reference in a database switch a character between layers is seemless as the orchestrator that sits in another container will just move the pointers to another layer/shard thus moving your character to a separate container. So, every layer decreases load, increases performance and therefore increases the end user experience.