The Treatment of Feral This Patch is Shameful

(Failedwizard) #1

There is absolutely no excuse to force Feral to leave Cat Form to BRez then turn around and promise them LotP only to announce 5 seconds later that you probably will not give it to them. Feral essentially has no unique utility and is being punished to be able to do something that all the other specs get to do with no issue at all.

I thought Arcane was bad, then I started playing Feral and realised how much worse they have it in this game.

(Nuadorin) #2

I guess the grass was greener on the other side :wink:


I mean everything feral brings to a raid is done better by someone else stampeding roar guardian does better brez every other spec does better. Not to mention the other classes that can also Rez of course. Blizz doesn’t like feral none of them play the spec so they have arbitrarily cripple the spec in some way to make sure people continue to decline the people that play and are trying to enjoy it. This brez thing doesn’t make any sense in any way that even they can’t explain it which is why they haven’t


It honestly baffles me that people still hope for class improvements at this point in the expansion when it’s been proven over and over again that Blizzard simply doesn’t care about this expansion anymore. But hey, 9.0 is just around the corner, right?


Blizzcon in November will have next expansion reveal, which will then follow the same/next day with gameplay Q&A panels about the new expansion systems

They better have some good things to show then and good answers prepared, because right now things are a bloodbath in class/spec design


Feral is OP atm when played at 50% skill level, they are MORE than fine.

(Seliria) #7

Nothing on PTR is being “promised” to anyone and LotP was immediately at the top of a dozen “hey Blizzard, this is crazy broken” posts.

I agree about brez though, I’d like to see it added back to Predatory Swiftness, or just made castable in all forms. But it’s not a huge issue, most fights you don’t have to cast it at all, or if you do, it’s like once in 10 minutes.

(Masoschism) #8

Someone enlighten me. Feral had LotP for 12 years without issue of “OP.” Why is it OP now exactly?

(Gurthäng) #9

Its not but for some reason blizz thinks only some classes should bring buffs.
They should have kept buffs away just like legion. Easier to balance and not mandatory classes needed in raids.

(Masoschism) #10

Except it was a better game when certain specs brought raid buffs?

I’m not necessarily saying they are causal, but they are correlated. Personally, I always liked being middle tier but bringing the awesome LotP. Of course that was back in the days of the Hybrid Tax, where we didn’t need to be topping the meters to feel good about raiding and supporting the raid. So I suppose that was a different game, but I’d argue (til I’m blue in the teeth) that it was a better game by all measures then.

Legion taking all that away was among the worst decisions they have made in this game.

(Gurthäng) #11

Not really, just makes some classes mandatory in groups.

(Masoschism) #12

And that’s… Bad?

Some specs are currently mandatory in groups because they do more AoE, or more Cleave, or have AoE stun, or bring group stealth, etc. (or really, all of the above). Prior to Legion every “Mandatory” buff had two classes that brought it, and Hunters brought a detuned version of every buff. It made for nice diversity and every spec was Raid valid, if only for that reason. Now, not so much.

Regardless, I assert it WAS a better game prior to Legion’s (started in WoD) extreme amputation fest. I am not necessarily saying that the removal of buffs and the “better game” assertion has a casual relationship, but I do further assert that the removal of situational abilities (which could include “unique”(ish) buffs) was part of the reason.


this expansion, not just this patch

it’s depressing

(Perifery) #14

We all got phones though right?

I think a lot of ferals are still upset but have accepted the fact that not much is going to change for the better, so we just bow our heads and just try to keep up with dps. I 100% agree that none of the devs play feral (and if they do they aren’t good). That or someone got destroyed by a good feral and is taking it out on us, the only logical explanation imo :joy_cat: