The Torghast Feature is Currently Disabled

So that we can address some issues with Torghast, Tower of the Damned, access to this feature has been disabled for a few days in the Shadowlands Beta.

Torghast the test realm is available.

We’ll post further updates when we’re ready to resume testing in the tower.

Thank you!


So on a side note, given all the various quest stuff that keeps changing (Example : I’ve already rescued Thrall and Janna but got a quest to go track them…) would it not be a good idea to j ust do a character wipe at this stage and make template 60’s that will have all core zone quests flagged as complete.

Honestly just feels like its introducing more bugs at this stage and a pretty inconsistent experience


You can just start a new character yourself to do the same thing?

I am not a fan of a character wipe at this stage because a lot of people won’t bother testing anymore.

I don’t know why but it made me chuckle that the realm named torghast was specified to still be available separate from the content named torghast.

It’s the little things in life!


Did you mean you rescued them from the when you first entred the maw (at lvl 50) cause you are the only one who escapes there. Or did you do both trackings and rescuesing and now its popping up again?

They are changing the quest around it seems - from my end at least. On my previous character, Baine was in 1 place. This new character, Baine is in another. =)

While you are fixing stuff, go ahead and throw that timer back in and give us some modes that require a time to beat, or even just a timer that records the run length and give us a Ladder system.

Keep the ez mode stuff but add in some more modes that give us that clock to beat, you can tell it’s missing when you run through the place.

I can’t see anyone being mad at a timer mode as long as the easy stuff stays, it really needs it, imo anyway.

No it doesn’t. The timed modes only caters to the elite mythic players

I’m not an elite mythic player, at least anymore lol, but I do seriously want a timer.

I run a lot of Torghast, so it’s for sure no random rant, I know what I’m saying here.

Torghast as it is, is not a challenge, not even close, you can clear the entire place in the time it takes the various areas to rotate around.

As it’s one of SL’s crown jewels it needs more meat on that fat bone.

I pretty much live in the Tower, I want more to do that just clear the place for funsies.

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People WANTED the timer removed. It was by far the #1 complaint.

So no, don’t add the timer back.


yup completely agree - i HATED the idea of them trying to introduce a timer - leave that for the mythics - and so did enough people obviously since they did indeed back track on adding one in…

People do want a true “infinite” mode though. That would be a nice addition to see.

You folks are not reading my posts and just jumping cus it’s the forums.

I specifically said it should be an option, easy mode should stay, which frankly is all Torghast is at this time, no challenge really at all, it needs something or it will be played out before the 1st patch hits.

This should be optional, just like selecting a Dungeon mode like Mythic over Heroic.

If you guys have not ran much Torghast them maybe you should. Tell me how hard it was, and that you’ll still be in there, in the keystone of the xpac, a few months thereafter?

Remove the bosses and affixes etc from Visions and that’s pretty much what we have with the Tower, not much fun there.

By the time you reach the 6th floor you’re so OP with AP anyway you steamroll through the boss.

I knew people would jump when timer was mentioned, but it’s an addition to the current set up.

Easy mode would stay.


Does Twisting Corridors not allow you to start at the last floor you cleared +1 with no APs anymore?

The challenge was never clearing the first set of floors, it was clearing the subsequent sets and starting out essentially naked.

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What Ad said. Twisting Corridors is what you want. It’s already the “Challenge Mode” of Torghast.

I would rather they just make it harder over re-adding a timer. It gets exhausting having all of WoW’s difficulty be by virtue of time management.

It would turn Torghast into a solo M+ with postive affixes.

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You would 100% want to be rewarded for beating that timer. If you didn’t you could just set your own timer and try to beat that - the game doesn’t need to do that for you.

Yes. But that would not have to be an actual item, it could be points, ladder ranking or something.

I’m trying to think of more challenge, now granted this does not “need” to be a timer, but you can feel that’s what’s missing. You can tell it was designed with the timer in mind and it seems pretty glaring to me that it’s not there.

I also like the idea of a ladder system too, adding another level to the challenge, a timer fits the bill there perfectly as the Towers were designed with timers in mind.

I have not stopped running Torghast for weeks now, well until they shut it down a day or so ago.

As it stands now Torghast is faceroll easy, still fun to a point but as the gem stone of the xpac I think it needs more.

I can’t tell it needs a timer personally, I also don’t consider it ‘face roll’ easy either though.

I really don’t think a score card fits these very well because you would have to have one for each class and spec if it was going to be very meaningful.

I had done both the “rescues” for Janna and Thrall after the initial escape from The Maw

The reason I suggested the reset is there’s still people complaining about how they can’t do x or y due to quest blocks… Probably as a result of them re-ordering quests and requirements putting them in a non-fixable state

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