•The team would rather focus on the unique and strong utility that Druids and Paladins already bring rather than adding more buffs if they feel that there isn't incentive to bring these classes

(Gabean) #1

I was wondering if Ion means Druids as a whole or parts (as in feral , guardian , balance and restro. ). Because I don’t see where they ( say cat or bear ) have a lot of utilities.

(Naros) #2

I think it depends heavily on context.

As a whole the class itself has tremendous utility such as Remove Corruption, Roots, Hibernate, Soothe, Incap Roar, Stampeding Roar, Combat Rez and to some degree Ursol’s Vortex and Typhoon (which are talents) and somewhat to a lesser degree, access to our affinity spells.

The major pain point with most of these is that in order to access all that utility, we must be in human form, which for damage/tank specs forces a 3 global rotation where Restoration gets a free pass with one.

I’d argue the next pain point is that utility is highly contextual. There are very few places where things like Hibernate or Soothe are even necessary or possible and so trying to categorize them as true utility in the broader sense is a joke.

The reduction of Stampeding Roar for Guardian is going to be a nice QoL change but it’s not going to be something that you’re going to want to take a Guardian over any other tank for unless a specific raid encounter forces it (e.g. KJ).

I often see people say Combat Rez is a super great utility option for druids, and on the surface it can be. The bigger problem is the resource requirement to actually do it – especially having to spend Rage (which I use for AM) to get up a fallen ally with Rebirth. That can be a nasty trade off to make in M+ depending on group.

If I take group composition out of the picture and I focus solely on what utility I as a Guardian tank bring and can effectively use without subject to massive risk that’d simply be Stampeding Roar, Incap Roar, and Combat Rez. There are numerous reasons why a Guardian would rather take Charge over Vortex or say Bash over Typhoon that its highly content driven and not universal.

Is that enough true utility?

Is that utility enough to desire a Guardian over any other tank?
Probably not.

Is it acceptable that Feral/Balance need 3 globals to use utility?
No, especially when the specs are balanced without utility in mind and therefore using those utility options significantly impacts their damage throughput 3 times more than any other damage spec in the game.

(Gabean) #3

So if I understand you they have a lot utility as a whole as druid but problems a rise with utility when you start getting into classes ( feral ,guardian ect. ) .

(Martei) #4

Another thing about brez is its not just a druid thing warlock and dk’s have it as well. stampeding is the only thing feral brings that’s fairly unique and its really not that special of an ability that you would say you need. Stampeding roar would be better if it removed snares and roots and or made you immune for its duration. The problem is the times you would most want it are when your groups movement is slowed or locked in place. Would probably make it much stronger.

(Yam) #5



seen too many geared ret pallies who don’t even bother to bind their blessing + cleanse spells such that I would not be surprised if those pallies said “what utility do we have ?”

(Nonetoo) #7

Druids have very low utility right now, and are almost never brought along for anything they bring to the raid.

Brez? Don’t all engineers get that now? How about DPS? oh wait, ferals are exactly second to last right now on warcraftlogs after getting a dps buff … hibernate? compared to DH, Mage, hunter, rogue, shammy CC? Hibernate is almost useless. Druid CC the add on zekvoz … nope, DRUID CC THE HEXOR on zul … nope. Can we bring gate to ghuun fight, or even solo run an orb? At least we can bring MOTW … oh wait, bunch of other classes get party buffs, druids dont.

I totally agree with Naros that utility is highly contextual, and that context where druid utility is “high” has been nonexistant for a couple expacs now.


Ion has no idea.

Absolutely clueless