[The Sunreavers] Seeds of Renewal: Episode 4: Verdant Vulnerability

Seven years ago, while on a hiatus from WoW, I started to feel the itch to return to Azeroth. But I needed something different, something more to be able to enjoy the game beyond its quests and levels.

I had heard about role-play, and the idea of fleshing out a character had always intrigued me. I did some research and decided to create a level one character on Wyrmrest Accord, and see what that server was like.

I was floored. There were people in Silvermoon City! The streets were alive with all sorts of characters walking (yes, walking) around, chatting with others, and all in character. I sat myself on a bench, and within seconds someone came to chat with me.

I needed no further convincing. I transferred Axiann from his old server and never looked back.

I decided Axiann would be a Sunreaver, and wanted that tag above his head, just like the NPCs had. That is the only reason I started the guild, truly, and I thank my lucky stars the guild name was available.

Seven years later, we are still here. Not only do we have a presence and reputation on this server, but we have become a home to some amazing characters and players.

On this, our seven year anniversary, I pledge that the Sunreavers will continue to provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all those wanting to role-play as a Kirin Tor aligned Blood Elf and explore and protect Azeroth together.

I am thrilled to continue to collaborate with amazing server leaders on the Year 35 (YOTS Epilogue Campaign) and am thrilled at the possibilities this coming Tuesday’s Expansion announcement will bring.

See you all in Azeroth, and may the Eternal Sun continue to shine on you all.

Guild Master


The Sunreavers are recruiting!

Today and tomorrow, April 18th and 19th from 5pm to 6:30pm, come find Magister Axiann Sungazer in Silvermoon City to inquire about enlistment with the guild.


Hey! I missed congratulating you on your anniversary, but I wanted to say congratulations! Seven years is truly amazing, especially with all the rough patches in WoW’s content we’ve been through. Great work, great GM, and a great group of people to RP with!


Thanks, Bel! That means a lot! :slight_smile:

The Sunreavers
descend into the Underbelly

Two weeks ago, when the Coalition investigated Marris Stead (in the Plaguelands), a portal was discovered. Some scrying detected the end-point to be Dalaran, however that scrying was detected, and someone at the other end closed and sealed the portal. Having returned briefly to Dalaran, The Sunreavers were poised to find the location of that portal. A locator spell indicated the portal had been in the Underbelly.

The Sunreaver party descended into the sewers and first met with Captain Raethan of the Underbelly Guard, a bitter, sarcastic man who was not much help. The group then began their search. Clues or curious objects found included: the fragments of a torn spell, a reagent pouch (empty) and an old Lordaeron silver coin.

Local lowlife was also interrogated, and while many would not speak, it was deduced that a portal had been in use in one of the abandoned warehouses, until the night of the Marris Stead investigation, when it closed for good, and two robed, cloaked figures emerged.

The Sunreavers approached the building in question, but felt immediately sick to their stomachs. Wards had beens et up and needed to be deactivated to proceed.

Finally, the building was entered. It had been completely emptied with no evidence remaining, except the residual energy that is left from any portal use. A quick spell exposed that energy, and the Sunreavers had all the proof they needed that the portal had in fact originated in Dalaran.

Finally, a quick study of the anchor-runes, scratched out and destroyed, revealed that the portal had been crafted by a magus but was stable and permanent, needing a simple incantation, useable by anyone, to open it on command.


Both Northrend and Legion Dalaran Underbelly are so underused. Great adventure for the night.

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The Sunreavers are recruiting!

Founded 7 years ago in 2015, we are a role-play guild for thalassian elf followers of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver of Quel’Thalas and the Kirin Tor. This unit, lead by Magister Axiann Sungazer, calls Dalaran home but often finds themselves on the front lines of threats to Azeroth.

Whether you are a aspiring Guardian of the Arcane, a Sentinel of the Light or a skilled Spellbow in the making, there is room in our ranks for your character.

Active mostly on weekends (and the occasional weekend), we are looking to continue expanding in preparation for Dragonflight, with full intentions of role-playing actively through the new contient and content.

Please click here to submit an application and get in touch with an officer!


The Sunreavers are in Silvermoon City!

Today, Tuesday May 17th, one walkinga round Silvermoon may run into Sunreavers, who arrived via portal from Dalaran earlier today…

Friday Nights
at the Legerdemain Lounge

Sometimes, after a long week of duty, one just needs to head down to one’s favorite lounge for cocktails and conversation. One never knows what or whom one will find there!

Thanks to the Duskwatch Saberguard for hosting another edition of Lounging in Legerdemain. Always a good time and gosh does it feel nice to have Dalaran feel alive!


The candles flickered on a moment before the doors to the Chamber of the Guardian opened, allowing Axiann to enter the room, its walls aligned with books and tomes. He walked right up to the raised dais and stood in the center of the circle.

Raising his outstretched arms, his palms open, he reached out with his magical abilities and connected with the mana crystals that provided power to the room and connected it to the rest of the Tower, the city, and the Violet Citadel itself.

He inhaled sharply as he came into contact with the power: syphoned directly from a ley-line beneath the city of Dalaran, the energy was filtered and purified within the complex of the Citadel and distributed to the network of mana crystals all over the city. Within the Tower of the Guardians, Axiann had used that energy to empowered the wards and enchantments that kept their headquarters safe.

Waving his hands and fingers in intricate patterns, he began to trace symbols in the air around himself. As he did, more appeared, sporadically at first, but eventually forming a complete picture: a visualization of the Tower’s wards. Satisfied, he relaxed a bit, and began to inspect the individual symbols, each a component of the spellwork involved.

One by one, he began to spot symbols that were weaker, more faded, than the rest. With intent and focus, he would redirect power to that symbol and recharge it, causing it to return to full brightness.

One by one, he fed the spell the energy it needed, and he could sense the wards growing more powerful around him. As if the walls were stronger, the lights, brighter, and the floor a little more solid.

*Satisfied with the morning’s work, he released his connection with the energy and the mana crystals and let the symbols return to their passive, invisible state. True, he had done a task more suited to a Guardian, but he enjoyed doing this sort of work from time to time. It kept him grounded. *

Now, to replenish his own energy, he required coffee.



The Sunreavers met in the Chamber of the Guardians in Dalaran to discuss current events and the path forward. Many items of interest were discusses, including:

  • The skies over Northrend have reportedly returned, cloudy cover and a peak at the stars overhead replacing the shattered veil that occupied that space for over 18 months;
  • The Argent Crusade confirm having retaken and re-manned all of their outposts in the Icecrown and surrounding areas;
  • Suspicious activity continues to grow in Quel’thalas;
  • The Farstriders, Blood Knights and Magisters seem to be on top of things there;
  • The Plaguelands seem to have stabilized for the most part
  • Andorhal remains in the Coalition’s control, and also a political powder keg: it has been decided that the forsaken refugees should return, however part of the Coalition guard is comprised of human Alliance soldiers;
  • Someone in the area, likely remaining cultists, are spreading propaganda to instill a deep dislike for all undead.

While all of these developments are important, the Magister informed the unit that Archmage Sunreaver is sending them to rejoin the Coalition, in Andorhal, to try and add a stabilizing presence and encourage diplomacy in upholding the “neutral” values of the Coalition.

The Sunreavers will arrive in Andorhal and join the Coalition today.

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Magister Sungazer returned from his meeting with the Archmage at the Violet Citadel, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. New orders and a new mission, that he was used to. But the urgency of the call for aid was… unpexpected.

Despite the work of the past eighteen months to counter the work of the mindless undead, it would seem Scourge resurgence in Quel’thalas had recently intensified. And while the capable and quite proud dorces of the Farstriders, Magisters of Silvermoon and Blood Knights rarely called for aid, that call had come.

The tension between the Grand Magister of Quel’thalas and Archmage Aethas Sunreaver was famous. Despite this, he and his Sunreavers had been specifically asked to return home and add their strength to the forces attempting to counter the Scourge at this time.

Axiann reached his desk and wrote own the missive he would send out not only to his Sunreavers, but also to all his thalassian allies. Through magic, he would send copies of the missive to all, and would hope to find many of them waiting to help at the Hall of Blood in a little over twenty four hours time.

A group of us will be role-playing through the Quel’thalas questline new to 9.2.5 this Saturday and Sunday, starting at 5pm, doing everything but


the bit that happens in the Shadowlands

Any thalassians wanting to participate and ICly be part of this role-play are reminded they need to be level 60 and be exalted with Silvermoon. Grab the quest in Oribos and then wait outside the Hall of Blood in SMC.

This is the first time we will be role-playing through current content, and we are exited!!



This past week, a bolstered Scourge mounted a full assault on the hamlet of Tranquilien in the Ghostlands of Quel’thalas. Their concerted attack proved much for the Magisters, the Blood Knights and the Farstriders to manage, and a call for aid was sent out.

The Sunreavers answered that call, and joined other allies in the Hall of Blood in Silvermoon City for an important briefing.

The group then departed to Tranquilien and joined the forces already fighting the Scourge, who had invaded the town and brought mayhem to its streets.

The Sunreavers, along with many more who had answered the call (including the Argents) managed to help turn the tides of the battle.

Once the Magisters, Blood Knights and Farstriders had a chance to regroup and refocus, thanks in large part to the arrival of the Sunreavers and other allies, Magister Sungazer and his unit were called by Archmage Aethas Sunreaver to aid in the installation and empowerment of three wards.

With the wards activated and the town of Tranquilien cleared and secured, it was time to join Lady Liadrin and her champions in charging through the Dead Scar and invading Deathholm to seek out and destroy and san’layn Vorath and end him.

The battle proved difficult, but Vorath was eventually cut down, only to rise again as a Amalgam of Wraith.

The champions did not faulter, and the Amalgam of Vorath was destroyed. The moment he was felled, the Scourge returned to being leaderless and feral, scattering about without purpose.

The Sunreavers returned to Silvermoon, along with many others who answered the call, and were thanked and honored in a ceremony with the leaders of Quel’thalas and the Sunreavers.


The Midsummer Fire Festival has been ushered in.

Last night, while in Silvermoon City, the Sunreavers attended and participated in the Sind’orei Solstice Oathfire ceremony.

One by one, attendees proceeded to make or renew personal oaths and cast them into the sacred Midsummer Fire.

One was left with a sense of renewed dedication after performing the simple yet powerful ritual.

The Oathfire Ceremony will become an annual tradition in Silvermoon City.


The Sunreavers return to Dalaran

Following a short voyage abroad to usher in the Midsummer Fire Festival, the Sunreavers have returned to Dalaran, via portal. They were pleased to find the city decorated for the festivities, an air of joy and gratitude in the air as Summer made its arrival in the Broken Isles.

Over the next few days, Magister Sungazer would meet with the Archmage, catch up on field reports, and review any applications from prospective new recruits.

He revelled at being able to return to regular duty, even if just for a short few days, before the next emergency was sure to make itself known.


It breaks my heart to see once-noble Elves debase themselves so by kowtowing to the Sunreavers and the Horde.

(In all seriousness, these guys are a great guild. Join them.)

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Let’s role-play again soon!

Briefing: Karazhan

A summons went out to all available Sunreavers in Dalaran, or within quick travel distance: Magister Sungazer wished to gather in the Chamber of the Guardians to discuss an urgent matter. Standing in the center of the room, surrounded by those who had come, he explained that he had just arrived from an audience with Archmage Aethas Sunreaver.

Guardian Kiah Emberflame had been standing in the circle quietly, she turned her head to look at Axiann when he entered and she quickly raised her hand in a salute, “Magister.” She’d smile softly before falling quiet and listening to his words.

“The Archmage is concerned. He has heard that the Coalition, the very one we have been working with over the last eighteen months, are planning on entering the tower of Karazhan.” He scanned their faces for reactions.

Kiah furrowed her brow a bit, “…Why?” She murmured slowly, “That’s a terrible idea…that place is tainted and…” She let out a sigh and fell quiet again.

Axiann turned to Kiah, her reaction no surprise to him. "According to reports, while the lower reaches are business as usual, the upper have become a temporary residence to a host of enthralled spirits and four Darkfallen, plus their San’layn leader. " He looked to the others as he elaborated. "Two of the Darkfallen are missing Elves the coalition have investigated in the past: a Ren’dorei Rift Warden from Blasted Lands, and a Quel’dorei Violet Eye Magister from the Pass. " He paused now, letting what he had said sink in, and awaiting more questions… or concerns.

When none would offer any, he continued. “Those who have invaded the tower are believed to be empowering more dark relics, like those we encountered in the Plaguelands. Obviously they must be stopped.” He looked back at Kiah now. “But you are right, the Tower of Karazhan should not be trifled with by those who do not understand the heavy magics involved there.” He paused now, seemingly coming to a point.

“The Kirin Tor would like a presence, when the Coalition raid the Tower, on Saturday. And since we have worked with the Coalition before and have a working relationship, they have asked that we go.”

He wondered if any would volunteer to join him. Either way, he would be there. To lend aid, and protect the Kirin Tor’s assets.


The Sunreavers
Return to Duty

After some time spent abroad, first in Uldum and then in Silvermoon City, to begin and end the Midsummer Fire Festival, interrupted only by a brief away mission to Karazhan, Magister Axiann Sungazer and his Sunreavers returned to Dalaran.

Axiann arrived via portal, via the Violet Gate, the magi’s entrance into the city. All Kirin Tor trained magi knew the spell coordinates for the portal anchor point in the Gate, and used the spell often. The guards recognized him and his signet ring, so even without his uniform, he was allowed entrance into the city.

His first stop, even before heading home, was always the Legerdemain Lounge. After settling for inferior copies of the drink whenever he was away, he desired a real, premium roast coffee from his favorite haunt.

Finally, he would head into the Tower of the Guardians, and to The Sunreavers’ headquarters on the third floor. He would glance at reports and any other correspondance that came in while he was away.

It was good to be home.


The Sunreavers and the Sleeping City

On Friday afternoon, Magister Axiann Sungazer was joined in the Chamber of the Guardians by the newest Sunreaver initiate, Fidesa Flamewisp.

They discussed matters ongoing in the Broken Isles: Void Corruption was spreading through the World Tree Shaladrassil and through it’s roots, controlled by the Fal’dorei in some plot to corrupt the Arcandor and turn the Nightborne into abominations.

Interrupting their conversation, a Kirin Tor Guardian entered the Chamber and requested an audience with the Sunreavers. He informed them of a developing situation in Dalaran, which had the Guardians busy placing the city on lockdown. His request was for the Sunreavers to report to the Infirmary, and help with another matter.

As they walked through the streets of Dalaran, they confirmed the Guardians description of a lockdown protocol: Guardians rushing about, securing structures and barking orders. Civilians looking worried and closing up their shops. And on the steps of the Dalaran Infirmary, dozens of citizens waiting for their turn to be admitted.

Inside the building was no better: every bed full, makeshift cots at capacity and patients, lying on the floor, all comatose, according to Olisarra, the Kirin Tor healer. Upon Fidesa’s suggestion based on previous knowledge, they checked the bodies for signs of spider bites, which they quickly found on the body of at least one woman.

Needing to know if the victim had been down to the Isles or had succumbed to the bites in Dalaran, they headed outdoors to question her husband. The man, Ryan Fern, was pulling at his own shirt, rambling about how ‘they aren’t gonna get me’. The other citizens in the streets were similarly seemingly losing their grip on sanity.

While Fidesa questioned the man, and found out that for the past few days, certain citizens have failed to wake from their night’s slumber, Axiann detected the presence of another who was apparently investigating along with them.

The new arrival was Felorax Autumnwing, exiled brother of Sir Beloran of the Argent Crusade. He proceeded to taunt the sin’dorei, while offering vague, ominous warnings of the city of Dalaran crumbling away. Meanwhile, Ryan Fern admitted to their neighbors having an infestation of spiders in days’ past.

When the man mentioned having drinks at the Legerdemain Lounge the night before the whispers began, the Sunreavers and their Ren’dorei follower headed there to investigate the alcohol. As Axiann came close to the crate, a sensation of dread overcame him, his gut telling him he shouldn’t be there and to walk away from the crate.

To be continued…