[The Sunreavers] Seeds of Renewal: Episode 4: Verdant Vulnerability

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Light’s Hope Chapel
Eastern Plaguelands

After two days journey by hawkstrider, The Sunreavers finally arrive at Light’s Hope Chapel, only to find allies waiting there.

The Argent Crusade (Argent Redemption and Resurgence) had arrived earlier that day by hippogryph, leading their own investigation in the area: the Mossflayers, forest trolls from the area, have been experimenting with necromancy and raising an apparent army of undead trolls.

The Legion of the Dawn, responding to a missive from the Argents, arrived at Light’s Hope as well, and the leaders and their units participated in a sharing of intelligence on the situation around the Plaguelands.

The three factions have decided to use the area as a base of operations and work together to fortify the nearby towers and prevent the Mossflayers from encrouching on Argent, Alliance and Quel’Thalassian territories.

This story will continue today, Saturday February 19th, starting at 4:30 server time!

Attack on Light’s Hope
(Eastern Plaguelands)

Following the previous day’s meeting with the Argent Crusade and the Legion of the Dawn, preparations began to fortify the towers of Eastwall and Northpass against Mossflayer attack.

The Sunreavers decided to split up: while Magister Sungazer took part of the unit to conduct aerial patrols on borrowed Argent hippogryphs, Lieutenant Emberflame lead those who stayed behind to defend Light’s Hope.

It was a surprise to all that the distress call came in the form of three flares from Light’s Crown Tower. The Sunreavers and their allies rushed to defend the tower, only to find they had been duped by illusion magic. They turned around and rushed to Light’s Hope, which was now under attack.

The battle against the Mossflayers was hard: the trolls used Black Arrows and blades coated with venoms, afflicting those they came in contact with and weakening them at an alarming rate. An antidote was eventually found on the bodies of dead Mossflayers.

The battle was won, but several members spanning all three factions were wounded and needed tending to. The surviving Mossflayers used invisibility potions to vanish from thin air and make their escape.

For the time being, the Sunreavers will remain at Light’s Hope and aid the Argents and the Legion of the Dawn in continuing their work in the area.

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Sunreavers’s current assignment:
Light’s Hope

The Sunreavers remain at Light’s Hope chapel, helping the other factions present in defending the area against further Mossflayer troll attack. The last few days, luckily, have been quiet.

Friday February 25th:
Promotion and Mission

On Friday, after a week of helping the people of Light’s Hope fortify their defenses against possible Mossflayer attack, the Sunreavers gathered for a briefing.

After an exchange of information, Lieutenant Emberflame, Initiate Training Officer, reported that Vail Embersky had successfully completed the Path of the Initiate, and she recommended him for promotion.

Agreeing with the lieutenant’s assessment, Magister Axiann Sungazer allowed the initiate to take the Guardian’s Oath, and offered him his tabard and promotion to the rank of Guardian.

Two gentlemen from the Crusades, including their chief apothecary, join the group and suggested a mission to go into the Noxious Glade and test the newly devised ani-venom on infected feral Scourge. Magister Sungazer authorized the mission, placing Lieutenant Emberflame in command.

The mission proved successful, and the anti-venom was proven to work. This will add a new defense against the Mossflayers and any future attacks.

Our story continues on Saturday, February 26th at 4:30pm.


Corin’s Crossing
(Eastern Plaguelands)

On Saturday, The Sunreavers were summoned to Light’s Crown Tower by Commander Vadinaar of the Argents. He informed them that over the last few days, feral undead had been spotted coming from various directions and seemingly swarming to the area. Their apparent target: Corin’s Crossing.

The commander suggested a stealth operation. Using invisibility potions, used by the Mossflayers and found after the last attack, the group would make their way into the ruined township to discover the undead’s machinations.

Each member drank one vial of potion, and had two to spare for the duration of the mission. They made their way into the town, only to find dozens, if not hundreds of feral undead, wandering about, even avoiding a close call with a very large Abomination.

Magister Sungazer and Captain Selowyn of the Argents began feeling a magical pull in the direction of the old town hall, and thus the group made its way inside. There, they found a dark relic, in a crate, emanating the magical energies drawing the undead near.

The relic, clearly Nerubian in origin, was inscribed with runes of domination and emitted a scourge magical signature. One of the Argents, by the name of Malek, came in contact with the artifact. His mind, and that of the Argent Captain, Selowyn, were violently attacked by the relic, feeding them disjointed images of death and destruction.

The Sunreavers sprang into action: while Guardian Embersky used the Light to try and break the relic’s hold on the Argents, Magister Sungazer placed arcane wards around the relic to block its magical emanations.

The Captain was able to break away first, and needed to use mind control to animate Malek for the group’s departure. The group took the last remaining invisibility potions and made a hasty departure, returning to Light’s Crown Tower.


Waiting on help from above

It was a quiet morning at Light’s Hope. Dawn had not yet broken, most were still asleep. The night shift guardsmen of the Argent Crusade patrolled the walls and the area just beyond. Hippogryph riders circled up above, and a light snow fell.

Axiann stood on the ramparts at Light’s Hope, looking out at the hazy sky moments before sunrise, with a look of worry on his face. The Commander’s plan was sound, but it depending on the magister’s command of aerial units. The Sunreavers, however, had made the journey to the plaguelands on hawkstriders. The dragonhawks were still in Dalaran, far away at the Broken Isles.

Vadinaar had mentioned that a few hippogryphs could be made available for those without a flying mount. But the Thalassians were more comfortable on 'hawks, and they would be at a serious disadvantage if they did not pull off their task.

Over 24 hours prior, Axiann had used his abilities and opened a portal to Dalaran. But he did not walk through. Portals lead to places you had been to, and had taken the time to master the precise coordinates for. Axiann could conjure a portal back home, but he would not be able to conjure one back to Light’s Hope.

The portal had opened in the Violet Gate, the mages’ entrance into the floating city. It had caught the attention of Kirin Tor Guardians stationed there. Reaching through, he handed them a sealed letter to be delivered to his people back at the Tower of the Guardians. Once they had it in hand, he pulled his hand and let the portal collapse.

The Sunreavers’ next event, preparation for the battle to come, will be today on Friday March 4th at 5pm at Light’s Hope.

Now, he waited. Most of the night, he had waited, unable to sleep. His Sunreaver Guardian mages, back home, had access to a spell to create a portal to his staff, which would act as an anchor. Mounted up on the ramparts, he had it emit a homing signal, one that would ripple through the leylines of the world. Dalaran was far. He hoped the signal would make it that far.

Suddenly, a flash of light caught his eye. High above the bridge that lead to Light’s Hope, the air distorted and a portal opened, larger than most. Axiann smiled as he glimpsed the unmistakable spires of Dalaran through the opening. The guardsmen around him adopted defensive postures, and a warning horn was blown. But Axiann was not worried. He smiled.

One after the other, armored Sunreaver Dragonhawks came through the portal, circling the Argent grounds before perching high on the ramparts defending the base. As the last one came through, the portal collapsed.

Now, they would be ready, and the Sunreavers would be able to play their part in the battle to come.

Flight Drills and Weapons Training

On Friday, The Sunreavers spent the day preparing for the battle to come and for their part in it. While work continued to create Arcane-grenades to use in battle, Magister Sungazer met with group after group to lead flight drills and weapons’ testing exercices.

The last group of the day, comprised of Lieutenant Emberflame and Guardian Embersky, took off from Light’s Hope at roughly 30 minutes past 5 bells, and made their way for Corin’s Crossing, where they practiced their aim and eliminated quite a few feral undead. Moving from location to location, they got to test their dragonhawks’ speed, agility and handling, all while juggling the task of aiming and launching their arcane-grenades.

The onset of a sudden blizzard made poor visibility even worse, and as the Sunreavers headed home, they just barely avoided hitting an Argent Tower, with the Lieutenant’s 'hawk strafing the stone wall.

The landing at Light’s Hope was rough, but all three managed to guide their beasts safely down.

The task that lay ahead, until the horns blow announcing the sighting of the Amani troops coming through the Pass, will be to make as many Arcane-grenades as possible.


The Battle of the Thalassian/North Pass

The magus adds his signature to the report, and folds it neatly, carefully applying the wax seal of his order to the paper. He then takes it into his hand and holds it to the flame of the dark purple candle, wrapped in string and bearing the insignia of the Kirin Tor, that burns on the table. As the parchment touches the flame, its orange flicker turns to purple, and the letter burns quickly, turning into purple smoke before fading from view.

The letter, he knew, was now in Dalaran, and being carried to the man it was destined for.

Archmage Sunreaver,

In the Plaguelands, the Sunreavers, along with the Argent Crusade and the Legion of the Dawn, have engaged a force of Undead Dire Trolls and Amani Batriders, coming through the Thalassian Pass from the Ghostlands, intended to provide support to the local Mossflayer Tribe.

The battle was adequately planned, with manned artillery, armed ground troops, and an aerial unit commanded by myself.

Dozens of Trolls, undead, mostly undead, came through the Pass, outnumbering us five to one. Luckily, Argent scouting efforts had tipped us off and we had a few days to prepare, or we would have been overrun.

Great casualties were suffered on our side, and some of your Sunreavers were wounded, but shall recover. Know that only two Batriders were witnessed escaping the fight and flying in the direction of the Mossflayers. All other Trolls were killed.

While this coalition was successful in stopping the Mossflayers from getting significant support, they still pose a threat. I have hereby ordered our unit to remain and help come up with a plan to secure this area from their new necromantic experimentation.

Respectfully hoping this report finds you well,

Magister Axiann Sungazer
Northpass Tower
Eastern Plaguelands

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Eastern Plaguelands Finale:
An End to the Mossflayer Threat

On Friday, March 12th, The Sunreavers joined with their allies of the Argent Crusade, The Legion of the Dawn and the Vol’kar Legion to mount and execute a raid on the Mossflayer Tribe of Zul’Moshar.

Knowing they would be up against the Mossflayer and their army of Undead Trolls, the mission was to send the illusionists of the coalition, lead by Magister Sungazer, to create the appearance of a larger unit approaching the stronghold through the fog, accompanied by real weapon’s fire to add to the deception.

The Mossflayer emerged, leaving the innocent civilians within their homes, while the Shadowhunters and Undead were sent out to fight.

The battle raged on, and it was eventually decided to use the Nerubian Relic, found weeks prior, to lure feral Undead from the area to the battle so that they may engage the Undead Trolls. The strategy worked, and the battle was tipped in the coalition’s favor.

Once the path was cleared, the group made their way into Zul’Moshar, only to find that the civilians had been poisoned. Sunreaver initiate Autumnleaf reports having witnessed one named Malek doing the deed. This elf was apprehended and is currently being held.

The coalition then proceeded to end the Mossflayer Warlord, he who had turned to necromancy in the name of his tribe, and proceeded to administer anti-venom elixir to as many innocents as possible.

When it was all done and over with, the group gathered what was theirs and returned to Light’s Hope.

The Sunreavers have opened portals to those who have great distances to travel. They did, however, invite every member to Dalaran to participate in the Kirin Tor’s upcoming Quarterly Conclave.

To enlist with The Sunreavers

Thalassian elves of good-lawful nature and who’s values align with the Sunreavers/Kirin Tor and are wishing to enlist should do so by filling out this application form:

An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

The Quarterly Conclave,
Night one: Meet-and-greet

Even though their duties meant that not many were able to attend, The Sunreavers of Dalaran hosted the Meet-and-greet which precedes the Quarterly Conclave of the Kirin Tor.

The event is held to extend a warm welcome to the guests and visitors of Dalaran ahead of the formal meeting which will be held the following day at the Citadel.

On a personal level, the Magister of the Sunreavers was delighted, as always, to be able to welcome their allies from the field to the city he calls home, and ensure that all luxuries and amenities are made available to them all.

Today, on Saturday March 19th at 5pm, the Conclave will occur at the Violet Citadel.

The Sunreavers are recruiting!

If you’re looking for a blood elf/Thalassian only guild, focused on investigating threats to Quel’Thalas, Dalaran and all of azeroth, get in touch or comment below! We’d love to hear from you…

The Sunreavers in Orgrimmar

On Sunday, the Sunreavers arrived via portal to the Horde capital of Orgrimmar. After a few days, they will journey to Mulgore and attend the Wolfmane Tribe’s Dance of the Earthmother festivities.

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To enlist with The Sunreavers

Thalassian elves of good-lawful nature and who’s values align with the Sunreavers/Kirin Tor and are wishing to enlist should do so by filling out this application form:

An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

Recruit Orientation

Interested Thalassian elves wishing to enlist with the Sunreavers must seek out Magister Axiann Sungazer, in Dalaran, for an interview. The Magister gets to know the new candidate and assesses how they and their skills will benefit the order.

Once the recruit is accepted, they are given their first orders: to go through Recruit Orientation. They are given a Sunreavers’ tour of Dalaran, their new home, ending with a visit to the Sunreavers’ headquarters inside the Tower of the Guardian.

After Orientation, if the officer still feels good about the recruit, they are asked if they are ready to begin the Path of the Initiate. Should they agree, they are officially admitted to the ranks of the Sunreavers, and given their next orders to begin various levels of assessment.

Weekly Briefing
On Friday afternoon, The Sunreavers gathered for their weekly briefing in their home within the Tower of the Guardians. They discussed events happening around the world and received new orders to return to the Plaguelands to assist the Argents and the Coalition in their ongoing investigation.

The Legerdemain Lounge
Following the briefing, some of the Sunreavers made their way to their regular spot at the Legerdemain Lounge. They were surprised to find members of the Silver Vanguard there, seemingly enjoying themselves in a similar fashion.

A heated argument followed, with the leaders and members of each faction accusing each other of atrocities, of betrayal and of treacherous behaviors of the past. Not all sought conflict, and a few calm voices began breaking through. Eventually, the factions and their leaders agreed that they must share the streets of Dalaran, and made an effort to find common ground.

Addendum (OOC):
This was by far one of the best encounters this guild has ever had! It has been seven years of hoping for a Silver Covenant guild to play against/with, and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

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The Path of the Initiate:
Flight Mastery Assessment

The Sunreavers have a reputation for being skilled Dragonhawk riders, expertly flying their armoured mounts into battle. But that skill comes at the price of countless hours spent bonding and training with a trusted ‘hawk. For the new initiate, this training begins with an assessment of your ability to handle your very own Dragonhawk.

On Monday, Magister Sungazer lead new initiates on a flight mastery assessment with a Dragonhawk race around the Broken Isles. From Suramar to Stormheim, around Highmountain and through Val’shara, the initiates needed to demonstrate speed, agility and an ability to handle their mounts to be able to keep up.


Magister Axiann Sungazer, within the Tower of the Guardians, issued new orders:


We prepare to return to the Plaguelands. An ongoing threat has lead to the displacement of Forsaken refugees to the Ghostlands of Quel’Thalas. The Archmage has requested we return to aid the coalition in investigating this threat.

Gather any supplies needed for an investigation and/or potential combat.

Magister Axiann Sungazer

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