[The Sunreavers] Seeds of Renewal: Episode 4: Verdant Vulnerability

Sure am, scum!

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Elrendar Crossing…

After two days on the road since leaving Fairbreeze Village, the Sunreavers reach the Elrendar River, marking the southern border of the Eversong Woods and the bridge that leads into the haunting Ghostlands.

Today, on Wednesday January 26th at 5pm, we will set up our campfire and camp out for the night.

If any other characters are traveling along these roads, or if any Farstriders happen to be in the area, they may just see us there.

To enlist with The Sunreavers

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An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

A nice camp out…

The Sunreavers have made it to the Farstrider Waystation located by Elrendar River Crossing, two days after leaving Fairbreeze Village.

While some were tasked with collecting herbs, refilling the water canteens or placing wards around the site, others prepared dinner: Initiate Embersky cooked up a wonderful lynx stew, which was enjoyed by all.

Following a night of sleeping in tents, it was nice to find shelter inside the station, which was empty. While there were no Farstriders in sight, a Sunreavers Standard was placed on the grounds to warn the rangers of their presence in case they showed up.


January 28th to 30th:
Tranquillien, Ghostlands

Arrival in Tranquillien

Following 5 days of travel since leaving Fairbreeze Village, the Sunreavers have arrived in Tranquillien, where they will spend a few days renewing their supplies and taking a break from sitting on their hawkstriders.

Soon after arriving, they met a woman who does contract/freelance work for the Farstriders, helping to control the wildlife population in the area.

She explained to the group that the taint in the area has affected the balance of nature. In particular, the bats have become quite aggressive, and overpopulous.

The group enjoyed some fresh coffee while they conversed around a warm fire.

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Trouble in the Ghostlands

During their stay in Tranquillien, the Sunreavers were invited to meet and dine with Dame Auriferous, Magistrate of the area. They graciously accepted and enjoyed friendly conversation, food and wine.

During this time, war horns were heard: The Sanctum of the Moon was under attack by a smattering of Scourge, a regular and fairly minor occurrence, according to the Dame. The Sunreavers were told not to worry, as the Farstriders were well accustomed to dealing with the routine event.

A few hours later, however, a more urgent horn indicated the need for assistance, as the persistent attack was more challenging than expected. The Sunreavers’ aid was requested.

The group arrived at the Sanctum of the Moon and added their strength to the Farstriders and, though suffering some injuries, helped to repel the attack and clear the area of Scourge.

Their victory was short-lived, as war horns indicated a surprise attack on the Sanctum of the Sun. The Sunreavers and Farstriders rushed to the area and found the compound under invasion by Nerubian Guardians.

The battle proved challenging, but the Nerubians were finally downed, only to be replaced by invading Amani Eagle-riders. Many injuries were sustained by the Sunreavers, Farstriders and Sanctum Guardians, with some losing their lives in the battle before it ended with the Amani repelled.

The Sunreavers agree that this shows signs of a new Amani threat in the area and wish the local defenders well. They have opted to continue on with their journey.

On Monday morning at first light, the group have resumed their travels south in the direction of the Thalassian Pass and the Plaguelands.


So, I’m thinking when cross-faction raid-teams become a thing, we may finally be able to RP with Silver Covenant from Moon Guard?

The plot thickens…

Interesting. I support this.

I’m a Horde-loyal Amani Troll and I’d love to RP with you guys against my erstwhile brethren.


That sounds fun! But after days of travel, we are leaving the amani to the Farstriders while we venture out into the Plaguelands.

If you’s like, bollocks the Amani, then who makes all our suits then?

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Northpass Tower
(The Eastern Plaguelands)

After two days of traveling through the Thalassian/North Pass, leaving the Ghostlands and Quel’Thalas behind them, the Sunreavers have arrived at the Argent base of Northpass Tower. They were glad to arrive and get to enjoy hot food, good ale and a hot bath.

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Into the Plaguewoods…

The Sunreavers met outside the Northpass Tower at 5 bells, and were briefed on situation by Magister Sungazer:

  • Three weeks ago, all communication from the Argents at the Northpass Tower ceased.
  • A unit of Argents from Eastwall Tower, lead by Commander Frost, were sent to investigate.
  • They found sounds of a scuttle and the tower abandoned. No bodies were found.
  • Scouts were sent along the roads to investigate. None have returned.
  • Commander Frost ventured out on his own 3 days ago, and has not returned.

Briefed, the Sunreavers headed out, due west, in search of the Commander and the other lost Argents. They soon came upon the body of a hanged human civilian, a warning not to proceed any further.

Upon entering the ruins of a lost human town, the group were attacked by three ravenous and panicked ghouls. Their aggressive nature proved somewhat threatening, but they were no match for the skills of the group.

The Sunreavers recovered as best they could, and continued on, killing a few random undead Scourge along the way.

Finally, Commander Frost was found: he claimed to have been hunted relentlessly by an undead warlock through the Plaguewood for the better part of three days, and pleaded for assistance.

The battle was hard fought, and one initiate nearly lost his life after taking a knife to the side. But the battle was won and the group saved, the initiate being brought back by skilled healing another promising initiate.

Commander Frost then lead the Sunreavers to the Gates of Stratholme, where he had seen chained up Argents lead as prisoners days ago. A magical barrier blocks their path, and so the group have secured the location and are hard at work to disable the spell.

Part 2 continues tonight.

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To enlist with The Sunreavers

Thalassian elves of good-lawful nature and who’s values align with the Sunreavers/Kirin Tor and are wishing to enlist should do so by filling out this application form:

An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

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Tragedy in Stratholme

On Sunday, after hours of work to take down the magical barrier, The Sunreavers and Commander Frost of the Argent Crusade, entered the ruins of Straholme in search of the missing Argent Knights.

Within the ruined city, they found hundreds of feral Scourge. It would seem they had fled here, following the death of the Commanders in Northrend in December, and sought refuge behind the ruined walls, causing just enough havoc on the roads around the Plaguewoods to keep folks too frightened to come searching.

The paladins in the group following their sensing of Light, the group tore their way through the hordes of undead and made their way to an open square, where they found ten Argents in two cages. Fighting the mobs that guarded the cages, they released the prisoners and continued on with their new allies.

The group were searching for the remainder of the Argents of the Northpass regiment, about 25 in number, who were still missing. Sadly, they found them in the old Festival Square: 25 walking corpses with tattered Argent tabards still visible, and under the control of an immense Frostwraith.

An immense battle ensued, the surviving Argents fuelled by their anguish, and anihilated the Wraith, which is suspected of having orchestrated the attack on Northpass and the capture of the Argents. A signal flare was sent into the sky, and soon, thirty Argent Hippogryphs arrived, one for every Argent who should have been saved.

The Sunreavers remained at the tower long enough to partake in an initial ceremony to remember the fallen. The next day, at the request of Commander Frost, they departed for Eastwall Tower to deliver their report.

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Tomorrow, Friday February 11th at 5 o’clock, the Sunreavers should arrive at Eastwall Tower in the Eastern Plaguelands.

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Trouble at Eastwall Tower

After four days of travel through the Plaguelands, the Sunreavers arrived at Eastwall to find the Argents a bit standoffish. Once the Magister explained they were there to deliver a message from Commander Frost at Northpass, they were allowed access to the grounds.

They found the Argents there worried, and hungry, asking the group if they had any spare food with them. They decided to seek the Captain, who explained that after Northpass Tower went silent and Commander Frost and his unit were sent to investigate, all caravans from Light’s Hope stopped coming with supplies.

The Sunreavers agreed to go off and explore the area, looking for any signs of the caravans or what happened. A few miles south of the Tower, they end up finding the wreckage of an Argent caravan, but no food, supplies, survivors or bodies. Footsteps, human-sized, are accompanied by claw marks in the dirt, as well as an odd repeating pattern of two parallel lines in the soil.

The tracks indicated a struggle, and lead in the direction of a small nearby town unknown to the Sunreavers. Sensing no magical energies, they saw no other option but to approach, with caution. They made it as far as a bridge, leading across a river and into the town, which has been deliberately broken by use of axe.

As they discussed these findings, the Sunreavers suddenly found themselves under attack by a barrage of gunfire, with bullets seemingly coming at them from many different directions. The Magister gave the order to retreat to Eastwall, with only a hawkstrider sustaining a minor flesh wound.

Together with the Argent captain, a plan will now be devised to infiltrate the town and get some answers.

To be continued…


To enlist with The Sunreavers

Thalassian elves of good-lawful nature and who’s values align with the Sunreavers/Kirin Tor and are wishing to enlist should do so by filling out this application form:

An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

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The Township of Eastshire

Briefed by the Argents at Eastwall Tower following their harrowing experience the day prior, the Sunreavers learned that the small town a few miles away was known as Eastshire, and was believed to have been abandoned at the beginning of the Year of the Scourge when locals fled to the safety of Light’s Hope.

They also learned that a more discrete way to approach and enter the town existed by traveling through the hillside to the north. As it happens, a dense fog just happened to roll in, further concealing any scouting party. The time to complete the investigation had come.

The group entered the town to find it eerily quiet. They began looking for clues and found several things: a fire still burning in a heart, with bread about to be baked; fresh footprints all over the main square; a stolen Argent caravan wagon, and two Scourge corpses staked to the bridge posts as a warning message to any who would approach.

All buildings were confirmed to be empty, save the last one, which was boarded up from the inside. Knowing the risk, the Sunreavers decided to force their way inside. They were soon surrounded by what seemed like the entire population of the town, and held at gunpoint.

Luckily, the mayor of the town, Regina Folksom, was willing to talk. It seems the town of Eastshire barricaded themselves into their town when the Scourge invasion arrived a year ago, and have survived on their baking skills and remaining ingredients ever since. Recently, they decided to attack a passing caravan to steak supplies when they own dwindled too low.

Mayor Folksom was shocked to learn the Scourge invasion was over, but startled the Sunreavers by revealing that the Argent caravan she and her people attacked was manned by undead Scourge in Argent tabards, clearly an attempt to infiltrate the tower of Eastwall.

The townsfolk were more than happy to evacuate their town with the Sunreavers and join the Argents at Eastwall Tower, sharing their food for medical supplies.

As one mystery is solved, it would seem, a new one would begin to unravel.