[The Sunreavers] Seeds of Renewal: Episode 4: Verdant Vulnerability

The Sunreavers, loyal followers of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, represent Quel’Thalas within the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. They are the guardians of the Thalassian culture that has helped to shape Dalaran for over two millennia. Additionally, they represent an elite fighting force and are used by the Kirin Tor to venture out and investigate anomalies or threats to Dalaran and the peoples of Azeroth.

Established in 2015 by Axiann Sungazer, the guild, initially based in Silvermoon City, returned home to Dalaran when the Sunreavers were readmitted to the Kirin Tor after the Burning legion invaded the Broken Isles. The Dalaran unit is made up of Thalassian wielders of the Arcane and the Light, as well as specialized weapons masters of various backgrounds and training. Those members hold one of three distinct ranks: Sunreaver Guardians, Sentinels or Scouts.

Wielders of the Light and masters of the Arcane, the Sunreavers are made up of elves with many different skillsets, so long as those skills and abilities align with the vision of the Archmage and of the Kirin Tor.

The Sunreavers are lead by Magister Axiann Sungazer. Sungazer, a Guardian Magus during the Northrend campaign and beyond, was promoted to the rank of Magister following the Purge of Dalaran by the Kirin Tor’s then-leader, Jaina Proudmore. He was tasked with recruiting new members and leading this new unit.

Magister Sungazer is aided and counselled by two officers, Commander Von Rothbart and Lieutenant Kiah Emberflame. While the Commander, a former illidari, assesses and trains the Sunreavers’ combat abilities, the Lieutenant, a long-time and devoted Sunreaver, aids new initiates in their integration into the order.

Those Thalassian elves interested in joining the order find their way to the Tower of the Guardians, in the very centre of Dalaran, and seek our the Sunreavers to request enlistment. They begin by filling out an application form, and then wait to speak to an officer. Upon initial acceptance, they are invited as a prospective recruit.

Recruits then schedule a meeting with Lieutenant Kiah Emberflame for initial orientation, who then instructs them on a series of other meetings and assignments. Should they accept, they are officially welcomed as Sunreaver Initiates and begin on their path. Only upon the successful completion of this path do initiates hope to be offered their tabard and promotion.

Once a Sunreaver has been offered their very own tabard, they are offered a promotion to their new full-member rank: Sunreaver Guardian, Sentinel or Scout. Sunreaver Guardians are keepers of the wisdom pertaining to the Arcane or the Light. Sunreaver Sentinels are the protectors of those keepers and of their wisdom. And finally, Sunreaver Scouts are the seekers and messengers of new knowledge.

This thread will be the primary source of information for those seeking to know The Sunreavers of Wyrmrest Accord. It will seek to document the guild’s activities and campaigns and help provide information that make the world of Azeroth feel vast and ever-changing. Inspired by the success of the Year of the Scourge Master Thread, this one will be updated frequently.

Eternal Sun guide you all, and see you in Azeroth!


From the Ashes…

The current unit of Sunreavers was founded in Silvermoon City by Magister Axiann Sungazer following the Purge of Dalaran. Silvermoon served as the unit’s first base, as the Sunreavers were added to Quel’Thalas’ defense forces.

Invasion by the Burning Legion

Shortly after the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth, some members of the unit were ordered to report to the Horde Fleet and depart for the Broken Shore. The mission was a failure and ended with the deaths of Horde Warchief Vol’jin and the Alliance High King Varian Wrynn. The Legion then began assaulting areas around Azeroth, and several Sunreavers were sent to defend the northern gates of Orgrimmar.

Upon being readmitted into the Kirin Tor, Archmage Aethas Sunreaver relocated his followers back to Dalaran. The Sunreavers then aided in the efforts to aid citizens of Suramar and liberate the city from Legion forces.

Following the successful campaign, the Sunreavers focus on rebuilding their presence in Dalaran. Their new routine is soon disturbed by the uncovering of a plot by a fanatical former Kirin Tor Archmage bent on transporting Dalaran back to its crater and removing all Horde citizens from its streets once more. This plot is successfully foiled and Dalaran remains secure.

The Fourth War

When the Fourth War began, the Sunreavers were recalled back to Quel’Thalas in order to help strengthen the defenses against possible Alliance attack from the south.

The Sunreavers then returned to the Broken Isles and boarded the Sunreaver flagship Dawn’s Light and set sail for Zandalar, in search of Silvermoon’s Pride, the flagship of Quel’Thalas, which had been stolen by Amani Trolls.

Both vessels are eventually lost in a naval battle off the coast of Kul’Tiras, shipwrecking the Sunreavers in hostile territory. A few days pass and the unit are able to disable the fetishes that prevent portal magic and escape to the safety of Dalaran.

Relics of Madness

The Sunreavers are then asked to investigate villages in Quel’Thalas that seem to be succumbing to violent madness. Entire villages are quarantined and it is discovered the madness is caused by relics that were sold all over Azeroth. A coven of drust witches and warlocks are eventually discovered to be using the madness-induced violence as a way to generate souls to power a ritual to bring down the barrier between the worlds of life and death.

The Sunreaver's Betrayal

What came next was a dark chapter for the Sunreavers as it was discovered that of the Archmage’s own Magisters, Hathorel, had defected to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner and pledged his Sunreavers to her side.

Magister Sungazer leads his people through the dangerous streets of Orgrimmar only to discover that Hathorel has charmed one of his very own, Initiate Jaidin, who seems to regret his choices once confronted by his old colleagues and friends.

A magical battle ensues and Jaidin eventually asks his former comrades to kill him, knowing that death will be the only way out of his new unit. The Sunreavers attack the former initiate with all they have, and his body is overcome with arcane energies circulating inside his body. Jaidin falls in a coma and is returned to Dalaran, where no way to revive him safely is found for years.

The Highkeeper's Eye

The Sunreavers are called to Uldum where they investigate a brutal attack on an archaeological dig. They uncover writings describing a legendary Chaos Stone, and clues to four parts of an amulet: the Highkeeper’s Eye.

The Chaos Stone, rumoured to be locked behind a gate in the Temple of Origination, is said to nullify arcane energy, allowing the Void to completely overpower the powers of the Titans and their Keepers. With the Old God threat growing in the area, the Sunreavers needed to find the Chaos Stone before the forces of the void did.

Luckily the amulet proves not to be only a key, but a sentient being, tasked with ensuring the Chaos Stone remains locked in a pocket realm for all of time. The Eye vanishes, never to be seen again.

The Dark Riders

The Sunreavers learn of the Mysterious Dark Riders, cursed charlatans tasked with collecting relics for Karazhan, now seemingly raiding small towns in the Arathi Highlands. The investigation leads to Karazhan, where the Riders manage to break into the Tower and steal tomes relating to ancient sacrificial magics.

Following information from all over the countryside, the Sunreavers board their vessel and follow the Dark Riders to Icecrown, in Northrend, where they discover hordes of Dark Rangers and Riders. At each of the three gates of Icecrown, the Sunreavers watch, helpless, as the Rangers and Riders complete a dark ritual with mass suicide, empowering the mysterious runes that cover the walls.

The Year of the Scourge…

Prologue: November and December 2020

At Icecrown Citadel, Sylvanas Windrunner, now a fugitive from the Horde and the Alliance, defeats Lich King Bolvar Fordragon and destroys the Helm of Domination, shattering the veil between the realms of life and death. In the following hours, many leaders of the Horde and the Alliance vanished, and the world was plunged into peril.

The Argent Crusade sounded the alarm and heroes were called to Northrend to help quell the threat of feral scourge becoming aggressive. While the campaign took weeks, it was eventually deemed successful. Argents remained on site to maintain a watch while most champions returned to their homelands.

Chapter 1: January to March 2021

Soon thereafter, Scourge found their way to all major continents of Azeroth and began attacking and infiltrating the major cities. Heroes from all walks of life came together to help liberate the cities and secure them for the refugees fleeing the countryside.

An official coalition was formed, endorsed by the Kirin Tor by proxy of The Sunreavers, and the Argent Crusade (Redemption and Resurgence). The coalition was formed by heroes from many guilds and homelands.

Chapter 2: April to June 2021

For months, they sought out the Scourge in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and sought to foil their plans, even preventing them from tainting Ashenvale Forest and turning it into another Plaguelands.

Chapter 3: July to September 2021

The campaign then made its way to Pandaria, where tainted ale was being used to turn Pandaren into mindless Scourge, and the Broken Isles where leylines were being diverted to empower a spell.

Chapter 4: October to December 2021

Eventually, our heroes found themselves in Northrend, making their way to Icecrown Citadel to end the three Scourge commanders responsible and ending the terrible Year of the Scourge.

From the desk of Magister Sungazer…

Summary and Mission Orders:
Reports from the Citadel indicate dangers on the roads just outside the borders of Quel’Thalas, and with Blood Knights and Farstriders occupied chasing feral scourge around Everson Woods and the Gostlands, the Magisters of Silvermoon have requested aid in investigating whether the scourge have returned to the area.

The Sunreavers campaign into the Plaguelands:

January 21st: Silvermoon City

The Sunreavers arrived in Silvermoon City via portal from Dalaran, and spent the night before beginning on their travels.

January 22nd and 23rd: Fairbreeze Village

After a day of traveling, the Sunreavers arrive in Fairbreeze Village. Their first night is spent investigating and ending a demon attack on Saletheril’s Haven, and they spend the second day enjoying the gratitude and hospitality of the locals.

January 26th: Elrendar River Crossing

After two more days of travel, the Sunreavers arrive at the Elrendar River, marking the southermost border of the Eversong Woods. They make camp for the night, taking advantage of the Farstrider Waystation to spare themselves a night of sleeping in tents. The group enjoy a nice lynx stew before retiring for the night.

January 28th-30th: Tranquillien (Ghostlands)

The Sunreavers reach Tranquillien and look forward to spending a few days replenishing their resources and having a good rest. While there, they are called to aid the Farstriders and local Guardians when the Scourge launch a persistent attack on the Sanctums of the Moon and the Sun. They are revealed to be controlled by Amani Eagle riders. The attack was repelled, but the new Amani threat is concerning.

February 4th to 6th: Northpass Tower (Eastern Plaguelands)

The Sunreavers have reached the Northpass Tower.

This post will be updated periodically.



The Tower
The Tower of the Guardian has long stood in the center of Dalaran and used to be the home of the Guardian of Tirisfal. Only recently revealed, however, it was cloaked from view for many years, disguised as a public, and outdoor, park named Runeweaver’s Square. It now serves as a home for many different factions, including the Sunreavers.

The Lobby/Teleporter room
The lobby of the Tower features a central teleporter platform which has been enchanted and charged to instantly transport guests to the appropriate floor. The teleporter is activated by the user who carries a hearthstone which has been specifically attuned to the magical frequency of the desired floor. Sunreavers would receive such a hearthstone upon joining the order.

Several Floors
The Tower of the Guardian is an enchanted building and often appears much larger on the inside than on the outside. It features many floors, both above and below ground. While these floors can be reached via teleporter, there are also a series of stairwells granting access to the many levels of the building.

Extensive Libraries
The libraries of the Tower offer many records of magical findings from Azeroth’s history. Few have documented magic as extensively as the Kirin Tor, and as a Sunreaver, you have access to copies of those records. Initiates spend many hours creating copies of Kirin Tor original manuscripts as part of their training.

The Portrait Room
Confusingly named the portrait room, as not a single portrait is featured here, this is the first chamber the Sunreavers come upon when reaching the third floor, which their order calls home. It is a grand room with enough space for several groups to convene and discuss matters at hand. The portrait room even features work and lounge areas for casual meetings and discussions.

The Chamber of the Guardians
The Chamber of the Guardian is the primary meeting place for those of Guardian, Sentinel and Scout ranks. It features a vast library with many tomes of knowledge that is beneficial to those of these ranks. Mission-specific briefings often happen here.

The Portal Chamber
The Sunreavers are renown portal masters, and their skills are often requested and or required by the Kirin Tor or the champions of Quel’Thalas. While the Sunreavers maintain a Portal Courtyard, open to all Horde citizens of Dalaran, to various nation capitals, within the Tower of the Guardian they maintain a more secretive and elite network of portals to areas of magical importance around Azeroth and even beyond.

Initiate Dormatories
Initiates are often new to Dalaran and arrive with few possessions. They are assigned a bed in the newly opened dormitories, on the upper floors. The room might not feature a window, but initiates are provided with a bed and bedding, closet space and a small chest for the belongings they did bring with them.

Full Quarters
Guardians, Sentinels and Scouts are fully recognized members of the order, and as such, receive a generous stipend. While this is often enough to find private accommodations within the city, some choose to stay close to headquarters. For them, private quarters are provided within the upper levels of the Tower, which feature large bed, closets, living and work spaces, and private restroom.**

(Photos to come)


Our thread’s second post has been updated. It will forever be an Archive of this guild’s campaigns throughout the years.

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There’s a great post explaining it all here!

D20 Combat Role-Play System

The Sunreavers have a new Info-sheet for their combat role-play scenarios!

Inspired heavily by the system developed during the Year of the Scourge campaign, this sheet seeks to provide a simple, easy to master and remember system for combat role-play within our guild.

Link to the document here.

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Combat Assessment and Training

Yesterday, three of our new initiates were put through the paces during combat assessment exercices.

Taking place on floating island outside of Dalaran City proper, a powerful illusion spell simulated an attack by three fel-crazed warlocks.

All three initiates performed adequately and learned important lessons.

This event was not just a way to assess new characters and their abilities, but it also allows us to teach new members the D20 system used to manage combat scenarios, and give everyone a chance to practice.

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The Sunreavers are hard at work making preparations to travel to Quel’Thalas. Potions and Elixirs must be created, supplies packed, Hawkstriders groomed and prepared. There is much work to be done!

On Friday, January 21st, the Sunreavers will be in Silvermoon City.

Arriving via portal from Dalaran, the group may be spotted in the streets of the Thalassian Capital, before they head off to the inn and have a drink before retiring to their rooms.

People…in…Silvermoon? Gods above it’s been too long.


Imagine, with me, a year from now, people returning to the game and Silvermoon City crowded once again.

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The Sunreavers in Silvermoon City

On Friday at a little past 5 bells, a portal opened in Sunfury Spire and the Sunreavers arrived from Dalaran. After confirming with Scout Sunrune that the hawkstriders had been properly fed and stabled for the night, the group proceeded from the Spire through the streets of the Sin’dorei capital city.

In the Royal Exchange, the group was approached by a Blood Knight, with whom they engaged in friendly conversation.

The group invited their new acquaintance to the Wayfarer’s Rest, where they would enjoy food and drink before taking rooms for the night.

The group retired early, having a long day ahead of them. The Sunreavers would be leaving at first light on Saturday to begin their travels and make it to Fairbreeze Village by day’s end.

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To enlist with The Sunreavers

Thalassian elves of good-lawful nature and who’s values align with the Sunreavers/Kirin Tor and are wishing to enlist should do so by filling out this application form:

An officer will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss the application and explore enlistment.

May the Eternal Sun guide you!

The Sunreavers in Fairbreeze Village:
Mission to Saltheril’s Haven

After 12 hours on the road on Saturday, the Sunreavers arrived via hawkstrider to the quaint little village of Fairbreeze.

The village, which evacuated its citizens to Silvermoon during the New Scourge invasion for several months, were pleased to return and find that their homes were still intact, spared from the ghouls’ destruction. Life was able to resume pretty well as it had always been.

Upon arrival, the group were immediately asked if they would help. A messenger and three scouts, sent to Saltheril’s Haven nearby, which had never been evacuated, had never returned. The Sunreavers were asked to investigate this suspicious activity.

After a short ride, they met with Lord Saltheril and Lady Sunstriker, who explained that they had used an illusion spell to cloak the haven and its guests instead of evacuating them. When the scourge threat had passed, the spell had been removed. But the guests all began acting as mindless as the scourge, and they did not know why.

An investigation confirmed the guests to be enchanted in some way, yet the food and wine showed no signs of being tampered with. The Orb of Illusion, however, was found to still be active, and a bit of interaction revealed the cloaking spell was still in place, with the real guests trapped within, and the mindless ones were but an illusion.

Once inside the illusion, the Sunreavers spotted one guest distancing himself from the party, whom they followed. That guests revealed himself to be a demon, who had happened upon the illusion months ago, and used it and its guest as a farm, their energy providing him with sustenance to survive in Eversong Woods.

A battle ensued, and while we suffered some wounds, the demon was felled and the illusion spell dropped.

The guests were tended to and the orb of illusion was found to be shattered and inert.

The Sunreavers have returned to Fairbreeze for the night, where they looked forward to a hot meal and warm beds.

The Sunreavers will be in Fairbreeze Village for one more night, on Sunday January 23rd, and can be found there from 5pm to 6pm server time.


On the road again…

On Monday morning, January 24th, at dawn, the Sunreavers mount up and leave the quaint little village of Fairbreeze, heading south towards the Ghostlands.

The trip from Fairbreeze to Tranquillien is expected to take about 5 days.

These Elves are still an awesome group. Go join them. (You filthy Horde sycophants.)

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